Strung Out


With the spirits of a lie
I told my heartache
That I know that you are gone
And I promise I will stand before you
Cuz I know you just begun
This is not the place where things come to die
You once told me
As you were just passin by
We started out with 25 and lost everyone we knew
Some lost their minds
Some never made it through
That little bit of sadness in your eyes
Reminds me that I'll never be alone again
Like fallen angels that would never rise above
We are the ghosts of everything we love
My broken heart fell from the lonely red sky
And landed deep beneath the sea
The captain and the pain
Will guide his ship in vein
Through the monuments and valleys deep below
Hold fast now my dear old friend
We go around place again forever
Round and round we pass on through reckless and devouring forever
This is not a place to die

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