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It was all the dream, I used to write songs in my notebook
Then I'd show them to my mom, like "mom, look"
See, I don't need your school and I don't need your rules
All I need is a good verse and right hook
And I could take this band around the world
I could make a couple dollars
I can split them with my girl
And we ain't gotta struggle no more
f*ck working three jobs just to sleep on the floor

Can't you see it, can't you see it through my eyes?
Can't you see it, can't you see it?

Rewind (To win)
It was 2003 when I was treading water
But the water too deep
I held my breath for so long, forgot how to breath
Facing ten years, I wanna be free
But is that too much to ask?
Too much to ask?
Sick of clipping coupons and scraping up cash
Sick of not knowing when the storm's gonna pass
So I packed my bags and I never looked back


I got that emo wig, modern fashion and everything
Can't eat, can't sleep
Superior crime, you feel me?
Never been a sucka, I'll get em for whatever
I'm here for the taking and I'll take any sh*t back
Let's gimme what I'm f*cking bring
Natural disaster, I kill anything
Boom like a f*cking rock, boom preach messing
What I'm p*ssing on a f*cking block

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