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Luis Fonsi

"The World Can Wait"

[Verse 1]
From the start you and I were always moving fast
Like the sand as it falls through the hourglass
And we fall, it's too late and then the moment's passed
So, let's rewind, let's realign, it doesn't have to be the end
Let's turn around, let's turn it upside down again
If we give it time, maybe you and I can get a second chance

'Cause something's happening here
Something's happening here

The sun will keep on rising, the waves will always break
But this moment's not forever so the world can wait
'Cause I know what I'm feeling and I won't bite or faint
As long as we're together the world can, world can wait

[Verse 2]
From the start, you and I were like a masterpiece
Don't know why, don't know what but may the colors bleed
But I'll do what it takes to bring you back to me
In the blink of an eye you know it all could change
But step back, the bigger picture always stays the same
So right here, right now, can we freeze the frame?
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