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"Death of the Space Wizard"

As the black trees took his soul, his mind faded and grew old. Alone and forgotten, he was dying in the sea, waiting for the valkryies to set him free. This is the death of the space wizard

Word, word, word

Uh, melanin melancholy
My black skin dished me a deeper tragedy
I can't breathe, my lungs tight, it keep reminding me
That I could die at any moment
I'm a victim of a man-made decision
I wasn't there to hear the doctors tell my parents this is
Not gonna end well, for instance, resistance is just futile in this world anyway
It's just gonna get you any day
I feel hopeless
It's like my minds soaked in a black hole where the devil dishes omens
I'm winning when I'm fighting these drug habits
Though I been a high functioning drug addict
Still I make the smile available when wall crashes
For around me my world remains a dull palace
'Cause my imagination takes me out this box
I still cry at times for being dependent on the drugs
My mum keep telling me that everything is God
Then why He make me like this?
Why He give me this?
Why am I so capable but can't even resist?
My body shuts down each and every other day
Why I still walk in pain even though I pray?
And now I'm faced with these crossroads
Choose spiritual or choose the cold, I bow before the throne
Tears creep down my eyes, it's harder not to show
So many days of suffering, it's harder not to woe
Soon it's my time to go, I wouldn't change the pain
'Cause the pain gave me hope and loneliness gave me rope
I could have tied it round my neck, but I didn't, though
I threw it up to heaven and now I need to go

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