Is It Right to Kiss the Boys (When You’re a Girl and Not a Boy?) lyrics

The Frogs

Is it right?
Is it right
To kiss the boys
When you're a girl
And not a boy?

I don't think so
Cuz I know so
It ain't good
It's better to be a man
Dip your fingers in the sand
See what you can figure out
With your thumb up a rump

Oh, baby boy
You're an infant in my arms
Charming rabbit sl*t boy
Where did you come from?
Was it England, or Tokyo?
Oh, I can't remember, but...

Is it right for you
To kiss my bulge?
Is it right for you to change my
Big, uh, ripe lightbulb... lips?

My swollen head is burning
We're both learning
How to have more fun than we could have
With the girls
I told you they were wrong before
Get out of their arms
Get into the man who's waiting for you
With the charms of a god
It's alright if he's a dirty old sod
They're the best teachers

Boys, get hard!
I was- I have been hard since birth
I'm available, beneath my skirt
I'm really available

Here's a dime, call me up
Better yet, here's a quarter
See ya later

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