[Verse 1]
Another day, another sin
Another day I'm late again
Oh, just like that my money's spent
Where did it all go?
Another night, another heart
Another one leaves in the dark
And I'm searching for my counterpart
Where did they all go?

[Pre-Chorus 1]
And I lock every single door
And I look behind me even more
Now turned into someone that I swore
I would never be

I wish I could go back to playing barbies in my room
They never say that you gotta grow up, quite this soon
How fast things change
And now I'm here, and all I wanna do
Is go back to playing barbies in my room

[Verse 2]
And I see it on my father's face
Another line that comes with age
I know that time will have its way
Where did it all go?
They say that things were simple then
Although I don't remember when
I wanna know what happens next
Where do we all go?
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