"Where We Go"

[Verse 1]
Got a hole in my head and my heart tonight
Well you shot me down, you just ain't right

Comes a time when you know you must let go
I know, I know
We fixed it, but it's broken
Got a feeling we gonna get this wrong
And even I can't be this strong
It's a breath that you take right before you die
We lie and lie
Can't say we didn't try though

So here we go
Take my body, not my soul
Took me high and left me low
I honestly never imagined we'd get this far, oh

There's a road that takes me home
Take me fast or take me slow
Throw my head out the window
Feel the wind, make me whole
Write my name up in the sky
As we contemplate goodbye
I don't know, we don't know, where we go
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