"For Now"

[Verse 1]
Remember that time we were just kickin'?
But nothing had changed, nothing was really different
Then love showed its teeth like it's something vicious
No, no, no, let me finish
Ain't it something when it all goes tragic
How a spell can get casted onto something magic
What I wouldn't give to get back to where we had it
Oh, it should've lasted

[Pre-Chorus 1]
Now it's like I lied
When I said I didn't need you
Alright, if you'd left, I'd never be
Tonight can we just get it right
Somehow, for now

Freeze frame, pause, rewind, stop
And get back to the older familiar thoughts
Can we just freeze frame, pause, rewind, stop
And get back to the feelings we think we lost?
For now

[Verse 2]
Oh, I'm so goddamn mean
'Cause I, I, I say and I do things
That I shouldn't sometimes
My mouth gets me in trouble all the time
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