"The One Freestyle (prod. pink)"

I'm dead inside
I can't eat
I’m dead inside
I just can't sleep
I’m dead inside
I lost my mind
I’m dead inside
I’ll be fine

I need you 2 b with me
But life is weird
I’m blind and bleed
I don't even like to speak
So i whisper in your ear

Listen closely hope you hear
That it’s more than bloody tears
Kiss your cheek when i get near
Tell her soon i’ll disappear
I’m not really here
Just an illusion
I’ll be gone soon
And i’ll leave this music
Creations of this pain
Creations of my love
Creations got me stuck
I just want to pull the plug
Been feeling way too numb
It’s because of all the drugs
Got me feeling dumb
But really i’m the one
Really i'm the one
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