­lmao [lmfao remix] lyrics


[Verse 1]
Hey, what's up, everything has only gotten worse since we last spoke
Everything has only gotten harder since my last smoke
Had to go and barter with Satan to get my raps wrote
Had to take it easy, the cheesier that the raps go
The less that the people will listen, then you’ll get canceled
Beat em to the punch, I had to go and cop a sample
sh*t's been moving fast and it's getting harder to handle
But enough about me, how have all of you been?
Have you all movеd from PFPs to humans?
Listen to your friends when thеy tell you that you can do it
And don’t ruin your life by doing things that are stupid
Vague advice, I know
But take it to your heart and start to grab an oar and row
Start to put your heart into the sh*t you believe in
And then you'll succeed even when you think that you won't

Every single time I try to fly I always get shot down
The forecast predicts an outcast typecast every time as a clown
I'm bound to suffer every round, I'll put around a round inside my skull
Never eat enough to make me full

[Verse 2]
Things have changed a lot in a year
Shed who I was, shed a couple tears
Shed filled with smoke, shed filled with beers
Stuck in my home with the pothead gear
Used to only rap about the whiskey
Now I'm downing it and getting really f**king tipsy
Druggie decaying every day, it's starting to get me
I hope that all of the ones that left me really miss me
Cause I found somebody who makes me happy
Period at the end of the list, f**k that
Anyone can write an EP rapping
Bout a breakup, but only that best can have their ex like it back
Uh, yeah I'm over it
Life’s been sh*tty but better because of it
Nicotine got me feeling dizzy as f**k
But I’m trying my luck, so if I die then I won, and that's that
That’s that, that's that
Period at the end of an era and that's that
Lofi pop sh*t doesn't really cut it
So I gotta put an end to the sappy rap, and that’s that
Sooner than later I'm gonna snap, that's that
Sooner than later I'm gonna stop to breathe
Take it all in, and enjoy the breeze
Beg for forgiveness on my knees with a please, and that's that

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