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Mick Jenkins

"The Broad"

[Intro: Mick Jenkins]
Advice that I could give to anyone, number one off-top
Trust in God
If you don't believe in God, reevaluate
You can't pray for things and then worry
That's a lack of trust
Worry is a lack of trust, worry is a lack of belief
You gotta pray, you gotta ask for what you need
For what you want, and not worry, that's number one
Number two: it's what you make of it
Nobody's gon' do it for you, you're in charge
It's what you want, especially when you're talking about your art
It's what you make of it, it's the hour that you put in
Ain't nobody great ain't struggle, didn't have it hard
Everybody that we talking about
Kanye, Beyoncé

[Verse 1]
Hi God, it's been a while
Sorry we ain't been talking lately, wanna reconcile
I'm thinking back on all the things You did that made me smile
You give me strength Lord, so I can run a million miles
Like all the blessings and the miracles in my life
One here, for example, met my future wife
That's thanks to You, no one else did that
You're my Rock and my Redeemer, and my dad

[Interlude: Mick Jenkins]
Are you killing yourself to do what you want to do?
Are you stressing yourself out to do what you want to do?
If you're not, then you ain't trying hard enough
Ain't nobody gon' do this for you
Blessings and opportunities will come your way
But you can't take that for granted
It's what you make of it
And that's the biggest lesson that I've learned

[Verse 2]
So I wanna say thank You
For always being there and always staying true
I'm sorry for not sharing Your point of view
And all the sins that I've committed, I was such a fool
Lord I need You (I can't do it myself)
I feel You (I'm in Your presence, God)
I want to see You (faith like a child)
I love You (my salvation)
My head down low and my hands held high
I'm chilling 'cause I know that one day I'ma touch the sky

And I hit rock bottom before (I hit rock bottom)
I was sleeping on God, I snored (I hit the snooze button)
And I did a lot of things so wrong (never did one thing right)
But now I'm lifting up my hands in song
So long

[Verse 3]
To the sin that chained me
The pressure of the enemy
I know who live in me
His love is so crazy
I feel it in the air, I'm seeing it everywhere
It's like a breath of fresh (what?)
I'm free, no more (stuck)
Put on ya dancing shoes, boo
We finna groove
It's a celebration homie, want a blessing? Take two
And cruise down the 405 heading up to PCH
Drive, throwing shakas up for the whole ride
It's the sun, it's the sun
I feel His presence, He's the One, He's the One
He the guy that turned a bum, turned a bum
Like me into a bubba unlike no other

[Outro: Mick Jenkins]
That's the biggest lesson that I've learned
Not like I didn't know that
Not like I wasn't exposed to that
But just in these different spaces
I'm learning more and more of what that truly means

[Skit: BallZach + Josh Man]
Hey Josh Man
Don't listen to Matt Man, man he's a hater
Don't listen to the haters
Haters are your motivators, baby
That's what I like to hear
Screw all the haters
If I wanted to stop rapping I would just eat some taters
Hah, yeah
My flows hot, I'm spitting it like a tot, yah
Yah, hah
What? Yeah

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