Dropped Pin lyrics

Mick Jenkins

Hook (x2):
Are you home
Where you stay
What you on
I'm on my way
Stay awake
Stay awake
Stay awake
Stay awake

Verse 1:
You ain't got to search for me
I turned on my location
I shouldn't have to search for you
Just turn on your location

Won't you let me get that dropped pin
So I can stop saying ima pull up
Let a n***a pop in (x2)

Still I got to say
"Whoa, baby. Whoa, baby; why is this so familiar?"
Just met
Feel like I know the real her
You must have done this before
This can't be your first time
We must have been here before
It's still fresh on my mind

You got that sh*t that somebody would look for
But won't find
You must have don this before
This can't be your first time


They keep telling me don't save you
But if I ignore all that advice
And something isn't right
Then who will I complain to

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