Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five
Freedom (instrumental)
Somebody, somebody if you wanna party say party (Party), say party (Party)
Ah yeah
If you wanna party and that's a fact somebody say, "And you know that" (And you know that)

We don't care if you're 8 to 10 or if you're a senior citizen because we've got a beat that just won't end
So you better get ready to rock my friend
You see, we got some news that you can use, an offer that you can't refuse
We're givin' a party and you've got to come because you're the one

Red, yellow, black, white or brown, in our own way, we can knock it down
Just take your time and enjoy yourself and you rock as good, as anyone else
C'mon yo do it, put your body into it
If the feeling is good, you might as well do it
See it makes no sense just standing around
Just boogie to the beat of the funky sound
You don't rock with us, you won't have a ball
We might as well didn't rock at all
You see, we can't rock if you don't have fun 'cause you're the one that's number one
Now raise your hand up above your head (C'mon) if you agree with what I said
Just (Wave) wave jour hands all in the air, somebody say "Oh Yeah" (Oh yeah)

Flash, one time
Melle Mel with the clientele, I'm gonna rock your chime and ring your bell
See I'm so bad and I'm so light, a lot of rhyme on a dime to make the world turn twice
And I'm Mr.Ness, that rock the best and I'm ready to rock at your request
Go on, go on with your best, Raheim is gonna do the rest
So my name is Raheim, I'm a son of a queen
I'm the king of a castle, don't give me no ha**le
Young ladies in the place put me on when I'm a part of your life, you can never go wrong
You say ah first my name was Denny Den, the secret weapon, the master plan
I'm slick, I'm cool, I'm solid gold, they call me the Kid Creole
I'm the C.O.W.B.O.Y. (Why? ), the man's so bad that you can't deny
And when you act the Cowboy to play, I'm Cowboy, I never ran away
Grandmaster, cut faster than any known cell to the bone
Full grown, he's a one of a kind and Flash is gonna rock your mind huh
Flash two times
Beat, beat, you in the crew, hold it
Why don't you find somebody and party?

I like this part
Get down
Hold up, hold up
Quickly now, quickly now
The ba** was in your face
??? The highs will get your mate to rise???
Young ladies in the place
Feel the highs, feel the ba**
If you wanna rock 'till the break of dawn somebody say, "Come on" (come on)

Melle Mel, right on time, it's Taurus, the bull, my zodiac sign
I'm mister Ness and I'm ready to go and I go by the sign of Scorpio
My name is Raheim, I don't like to fuss, my zodiac sign is Aquarius
The Kid Creole is the name of mine and Plaices is my zodiac sing
And I'm Cowboy and I'm running this show, my zodiac sign is Virgo
And Grandmaster Flash cut so on, his zodiac sign is Capricorn
We're gonna try something new
What you're gonna do?
We're gonna try something new
What you're gonna do?
Now that you heard our name and signs, put your name into this rhyme
What's your name?
I said, "What's you name?"
We're gonna try something else
Go for it yourself
We're gonna try something else
Go for it yourself
Gonna try this game one more time
Now this time use your zodiac sign
What's your sign?
I said "What's your sign"
Flash, two times
Beat, beat, you and the crew, hold it
Why don't you find somebody?