MC Breed
Safari West
(god damn)
Yo yo yo, it's about to go down
Hey sound man, fix this motherf**kin' mic!
(okay, [mumbling])
Safari West is off the hook tonight, baby
My homeboy up in this b*t*h about to set it off
Highland Hills represent, what's up to them [?] homies? (yeah)
Lake Como! I see Greg over there with that gun
Representin' that hittin' city
Go get them Six2 tapes
Murder Brook!
Hey, y'all n***as calm the f**k down!
(Yo, dawg...)
Don't start no sh*t in this club tonight!
(It's big things going down)
Dallas, y'all n***as calm the f**k down
I see [?], represent
(There's big things going down!)
[?] Town, Oak Cliff
(At Dallas! Right now!!)
(Ain't that... ain't that a street?)
Watch out for Dallas, [?] jazzy, y'all d**k suckin' motherf**kers!
Y'all know y'all need to get the f**k out!
(Rob, you got that weed?)
(I got the weed, cat)
Got some grub in the house
If you ain't got me no motherf**kin' wings and chicken and some of them corn fritters...
(They gon' let us smoke up in this motherf**ker?)
(Naw, come on, now.)
You can take your b*t*h a** home!
West Dino! Hey, West Dino's here!
(West Dino, baby! A real muhf**ker! The world!)
[?] apartment in North-side Irving, 183
And let's set this motherf**ker off