MC Breed
Guerrilla Pimpin’
[Verse 1: MC Breed]
Big baller, on fly biggie, black four fifty
Quickly run to your city like a gypsy
Kept a half ounce of buddah to get the cash and bounce
51 mansion, I ain't stopped to see who doin' the askin'
All these motherf**kers doin' this blastin'
So while these fools' words be heated like pa**ion
I'mma catch end, what? - I'm workin' with the full grip
Ain't no future in that bullsh*t
So I pull sh*t, off like my presidential
Sniff and stay illegal like the governmental
Make new world, everytime
Got my sh*t lookin' bright like the shoes shine
Rub you up like the ma**age when I'm on the grind
Cause in my mind, you better get yours, cause I'mma get mine fool

[Hook: The D.O.C. X2]
Stackin' them bricks got you trippin'
Them cookies and them cakes got you slippin'
A flock of birds got you on the yard simpin'
We got B-E-N-G-A all day, Guerrilla Pimpin'

[Verse 2: MC Breed]
Now, now, now I'mma drop a jewel right quick, G sh*t
You finna get the convict, subliminal bomb sh*t
Criminal, monoply, philosophy
Million dollar properties, Gs overseas, status
Meet my mackies and apparatus
Known from I give the Grammer from Atlanta to Atlantis
I handle this, pound for pound, Roy Juhon scandalous
Break it down, I'm gonna give you what you need
Full balls and big d**k and straight weed
Or get wet up, you know, you better get up
And get yours from the T.O.P. - f**kin' with me
Smooth Jacks and Braud Backs and Kool Max
Some criminal contacts, be lovin' my gold plaques
But that ain't who I'mma goes at
On the real, dollar bill motherf**ker
Can you flow with that?

[Hook: The D.O.C. X2]
[Hook: The D.O.C. X4]
It's goin' on and on, n***a
It's goin' on and on and on

[Verse 3: MC Breed]
Knick Knack Patty Whack, give the dog a bone
No give him a zone, tell him get the f**k on
It don't stop, 'til your life get popped
And you can sell a 5 million when you drop hot jam
Better then the rest of them
I'm, therefore, pack the floor when I'm on my tour
If we can't make it, though, n***a's actin' hardcore
It ain't the cost though, n***as it's the cash flow
All the a**-holes, for sheezy
Though it freezy, do right to the easy
Nationality, reality, n***a's salary or locality
Ugh, the Grand Finale, on my way back from Cali'
F**kin' twin b*t*hes and they're prayin' for their ends
And it's on n***a
Rock, slang it to you like the dirty cop
Cluck 'til the world stop, make them all drop
My n***a Diggie empty out the whole box
I set it off, come on, come out get yours
I'm talkin' from your old black clothes to your Caddillac does
And money from fat w****s, real bros who licked the world toes
Realize that you gotta get shows
All dimes, all the time, better get yours
Cause I'mma get mine, fool
[Hook: The D.O.C. X3]

[Hook: The D.O.C. X2]
It's goin' on and on, n***a
It's goin' on and on and on