MC Breed
Lakeside ’Lude
* Freestyle Session

[Intro: MC Breed Talking]
Ugh, big balling MC
That's right, uhh
On some Lakeside shit

[MC Breed]
When Breed be rapping
No motherfucker as real as me
But I don't think y'all feeling me
Y'all mark ass n***as be killing me
Who got love for you, murder foe?
Put it down like a pimp, when I work you, whore
Go get some work but I'm working though
Hurt when you see a n***a worked the flow
Get a chance, not too many can bang with us
Armed and dangerous, claiming us
Leaving all the darts fame to trust
While the white folks blaming us
Get a change, ain't body shifts the champ
Get off the pop, I got to go too scandalous
You couldn't handle us
With a Manuscript, got a pucket full of cannibus

[Chorus: MC Breed & The D.O.C.]
N***a, when you step up have your shit right (RIGHT!!)
Focus on what's happening, keep your shit tight (TIGHT!!)
[MC Breed]
Tell me what you at again
Known, I'm all about the bitch
Where she from, how she come, when she ride the dick
Known, where she have a brick, to check
N***a, when you creep up get your shit tight (TIGHT!!)
Focus on what's happening, keep your shit right (RIGHT!!)
Who in the fuck wanna fuck with a one puff soldier?
It seemed like a n***a would've told ya (What?)
I have to dose ya, when another Lakeside n***a getting over

[The D.O.C.]