MC Breed
Ain’t Shit
Yea it's goin down for real now
It's your boy Breed and Prozak yea and Bootleg
This pain is going on inside me so what you know about us? (2x)

[Verse 1: MC Breed]
There's seven steps to my attic follow me in
Keep it simple like a violin
Fall in the pit- and then you try again
Try again for thinkin your sh*t can win
Cuz you a star livin in the monetary art
Till ten white uniforms break your jaw
Got you twisted, we had a real king but missed it
With all these trigga happy n***as actin like b*t*hes
I'm sick, it got me fed up with sh*t
That's on the real you suckin on my skill like a d**k
I ain't your family and you can't damage me
You know what I listen to your rap style and throw up
No blow up and show no real potential
You fake, but you got an instrumental
Now with this, let us redefine this word b*t*h
Cuz all these b*t*hes I know they got d**ks!

[Hook x4]
B*t*hes ain't sh*t, the scripts been flipped now
(Ya'll b*t*hes ain't Sh*t!)

[Verse 2: Prozak]
We flip the script and bustin shots
Bustin clips and bustin Glocks
Bodies broken and fallin from brawlin
N***as crawlin
Revenge and retaliation, ma** murder extermination
No frontin' in your future, this 12 gauge you're facin
I'm thinkin about the fact my mind is gone
Plottin battle plans like the Pentagon rockin it til the break of dawn
I'm knockin mother f**kers down like the twin towers
Me and Bootleg and Breed causin death showers
Still venomous with the flow Prozak's about to blow
C*ck the hammer back let it go, get my d**k sucked at the show
Enemies all engulfed in flames ,shotgun c*cks when I blow your brains
911 when I inflict the pain, when I diss I say no names

B*t*hes ain't sh*t, the scripts been flipped now
(Ya'll b*t*hes ain't Sh*t!)

[Verse 3: Bootleg]
I know that you jealous of me and my fellas you traitors
Bootleg's the storm that was born to crush all of you haters
So no hesitatin we eliminatin on Dayton
Follow my path in shadows and blood like Satan-
The year was 1992 when we were screamin f**k cops
Summertime, we on the grind, what's on my mind just dropped-
All I need is 1 mic- 2 dykes- 3 drinks and more-
Don't hate me b*t*h I done said that before!
Gettin tired of the okey-dokey
Disrespect me in anyway I'll bust at your mama while she at karaoke
Cross Prozak once, and you'll die twice-
F**k it, let me wipe my a** with your life...
Cuz b*t*h you ain't sh*t!!!
B*t*hes ain't sh*t, the scripts been flipped now
(Ya'll b*t*hes ain't Sh*t!)