"911 (Clap for Em)"

Call 911 'cause we killing them
Call 911 'cause we killing them
Call 911, call 911, call 911 'cause we killing them

Okay, I'm killing this sh*t, I need a round of applause
If it's money to be made then I'm down for the cause
Take a penny then I stretch it to a million
Rich n***a steppin' in the building

[Verse 1]
Came from the bottom with dreams of the top
Humble beginnings now I'm the cream of the crop
A fiend for the green, looking mean in the drop
Pull up gang strong, make a scene on the block
Now you seen what I got
Please no scheming or I'm cleaning your clock
Don't nothin' intervene with the guap, stop
I'm thumbing through the bills like a cashier
Lot of sh*t done changed since last year
Ex blowing up my line but that sh*t dead
Send a text to my phone, "Hey, bighead"
A young n***a ballin', phys ed
This Blue Flame but I'm finna paint this b*t*h red
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