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"No Face No Case"

[Verse 1: RJMrLA]
Lost a few friends and some enemies
Got  some in the pen and they full of ink
They  gossiping again, I know how n*ggas think
When I'm hopping out the Benz [?][0:07]
I might get a lil' 'noid when I'm driving by the boys
But  everybody got a choice
Boy,  you know you gotta have poise
I'm the boy and the pockets on 'roids
b*tch,  I be ducking police out in public, discreet
You f*cking with me, can't be f*cking for free
Don't f*ck up my sheets, b*tch, it cover my feet
b*tch, don't throw shade on me, ho, I'm something to see
And  my teeth full of winter, my drink getting chiller
My heater nine milla, wood grip with no splinter
You think you that n*gga, it get deep, it get realer
You sleep on gorillas, no cap we could peel ya
I was woopin' the coupe, finna recoup on the woop
When I looked in my rearview, Johnny was on the lose
Had stripes on me too, I'm thinkin' what I'ma do
Should I hop out and shoot or take them on a pursuit?

[Chorus: RJMrLA & Larry Jayy]
Ain't no face, ain't no case
No DA's, wasted away, hold on
(You know you done f*cked up right?)
Call my lawyer
(Look, all they wanna know is where the guns and where the drugs at man?)
I got nothin' for ya
(Come on, they call you "Juice", we know you know where the guns at)
Call my lawyer
(We know it's one of the red rag wearin' motherf*ckers)
I got nothin' for ya
(You got a lovely family back at home, man, just help us help you out, come on)

[Verse 2: RJMrLA]
I ain't got nothing for you flat-footed Johnnies
I can't hop out running 'cause my pants was on tightly
Thought about bussin' cause this handheld excite me
And pigs kill clear as day, do that sh*t nightly
I'm irie, tripping on sh*t but a flight seat
Mind be all up in the mix like a nine-piece
Sirens, louder than the b*tch right behind me
My crimey showed me how to fish like a Pisces
This might be the perfect time to use my fundamentals
I think I'm militant because my grandpa was a general
License, registration, still they treat me like a criminal
Want me step out, so I hop out, lock my keys up in the middle
sh*t real, need a search warrant just to see how it feels
Calling my lawyer before I'm calling my girl
I ain't got sh*t for your dog to come smell
I ain't taking no L's, I ain't worried 'bout bail

[Chorus & Larry Jayy]
Ain't no face, ain't no case
No DA's, wasted away, hold on
(You're making it very difficult for us RJ, come on, stop f*ckin' around)
Call my lawyer
(The f*ck you mean, call your lawyer? We're gonna call him in a minute, let us know what the f*ck you know)
I got nothin' for ya
(Stop f*cking around man, we know you know where the f*ckers at)
Call my lawyer
(You ain't gon' give us nothin' huh, that's how you wanna f*ckin' play it?)
I got nothin' for ya
(f*ck it, lets drop his ass off at 118th and Avalon CT got somethin' for that ass, hahahaha)

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