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Abney Park

"On The Fringe"

I live as a wasteland warrior
Living on the ragged edge
Picking my way through the aftermath
While humanity clings to the ledge

They change all the laws around us
And built themselves into a wall
Filled up their prison with guys like me
Guys who don't have it all

Perhaps I'm happier struggling
Than rotting alone in a cage
Perhaps I'm happier fighting my life
Than dying alone of my rage

Don't matter if you live in prison
Or chained to a desk all the day
If you don't have the freedom to get up and go
You're a slave to someone's dossier

I load my dusty equipment
Into this dusty old bar
We set up our rusty old keyboards
And I tune this rusty guitar

In walk the ragged survivors
In walk the last of the free
They wait for a night of abandon
As I tune my buzuq on my knee

Somewhere, somes got it easy
Somewhere, somes got it all
We'll play for you folk at the edge of the world
'Til the last of the world finally falls

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