South Border


[Verse 1]
Fallin out, fallin' in
Nothin's sure in this world, no no
Breakin out, breakin' in
Never knowing what lies ahead
We can really never tell it all
No, no, no
Say goodbye, say hello
To a lover or friend
Sometimes we never could understand
Why some things begin and just end
We can really never have it all
No, no, no

But oh, can't you see?
That no matter what happens
Life goes on and on
And so baby just smile
'Cause I'm always around you
And I'll make you see how beautiful
Life is for you and me

Take a little time baby
See the butterflies colors
Listen to the birds that were sent
To sing for me and you
Can you feel me?
This is such a wonderful place to be
Even if there is pain now
Everything will be alright
For as long as the world still turns
There will be night and day
Can you hear me?
There's a rainbow always after the rain
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