Streams lyrics


[Intro: JAY-Z]

Everything in life is for your greatest good
No matter how difficult it seems at the time
Everything is for your greatest good
It's just clearing you out so you can receive your blessings
Even in tough times. Even in tough times, is a, it's used for us to grow
For us to go through things so when
When the good times come we really appreciate them
But you got to just believe
Everything is for your greatest good

[Verse One: Six The Don]
Had I knew what I know now, as a child
My stream of consciousness
Would have soarеd beyond the clouds
“Sky is the limit”, that's somе sh*t they’re pitching
Just to pin us down
Look around all these corners we catching rounds
The rose that grew from out the ground
Hence all these thorns
Thats wrapped around my crown
Sonic booms will shake a room
How safe is sound?
It's sink or swim. My sorrows drowned
My purpose found
My premie twins they needed out
My world revolves
Around them boys, without a doubt
I dream out loud
You want to be ground breaking?
Let's break some ground
Let's build this house
I think all blacks should run the south
Stream it loud
f**k a Mule, thats out of style
Trillion dollars and a smile
A million acres and the power
The time is now. Let's be profound
Want to make something?
Make me proud. Escape the crowd
I made it out
Life’s ups and downs is like the Dow
Re-wrote my route. Six hundred thou’
That's in a drought
Chasing money not the clout
Was running wild
The wolves on prowl, my stomach growled
Was just a child
Look at me now. I'm more evolved
I'm more
Involved, I'm standing out
I'm soaking up all this game
That trickled down
To my child, for his child
Thats what its ‘bout

[Verse Two: ATM]
I'm a spirit of the dark, so let there be light
Back in 1985 on a cold Bronx night
I came into this world
And streamed into the fall
Right back into the dark
Where God don’t live at all
Allah don’t hear the calls
Of the prayers beyond the wall
Seems like I’m born to die here
No meaning at all
Became a master of the forge
Of the shield and of the sword
Till I bared my own cross
And was crowned with my thorns
Resurrected to the light
Bearing fruit seemed to change my whole plight
I'm a whole different flight
And I'm streaming towards the Heavens
Rooted in Hell
So I'm grateful for the blessings
I bid farewell
To the demons of my yesterday
Open my cell
n***a I'm free
From the dark to the light
I'm truly free
My souls streaming in this universal peace
The songs I write
Are for my son's ears to see
I'm planting trees for the love of my seeds
So they can lay up in the shade
When I decease
Son of a Chief. Son of a King, son of God
And son of me
Little me
See this little light of mine
I'm gon’ let it shine
I'm gon’ wrap us in Tesla coil
We gon’ love divine
Our spirits are intertwined
From now until the end of time
With the mighty King of Kings on our side
n***a we ride!
And the world gon’ feel my streams
My kids gon’ see my dreams
My fathers spirits healed
It lives inside of me
Your great grandfathers kept alive
Inside of we
And the all mighty father flows through us
So I preach
Tap in with your actions
To live is to be
Life's a gift, you exist, you were a dream
Can’t you see?
And now you walk
Amongst the shoulders of the Kings
So stream
And may this bloodline reign supreme

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