The week in the eyes of a day lyrics


Monday Kinda stressed don't want to talk or really even walk.

Tuesday Don't know how to speak cause i'm flying off my feet and im trying to meet new-

Wednesday I'm in the middle right or left or maybe death or-

Thursday A glance at the end of a week I have spent writing and walking and-

Friday happily sad and mad not glad but sad and happy

Saturday feeling relaxed that I get a break oh wait whats next?

Sunday annoyed that it ends so quickly can I get one more day

Monday I like your request but you must work now go and work

Tuesday Can I say that he needs a break like I need a break.

Wednesday Now sir wait he needs to work but maybе a break could help

Thursday firday what do you think I think he might need a brеak

Friday Well I guess we could always give him one break

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