"When I Take The Field On Friday"

[Verse 1]
See the line of bottoms bounce on every stirring play
That I will make when I face any foe
On Friday nights home or away

But, thoughts of bottoms have to wait 'til post-game socialties
And then I'll ask the coach if it's okay
He'll just wink and walk away

When I take the field on friday
I'm gonna have it my way
I'm a Yankee in ecstasy
That so hard to be?

Indeed that is so very hard to be

[Verse 2]
I'll beat the great
The new great, too
And beat the in-between
Until there's no one left to beat
And then I'll beat 'em for a second time

When I'm forced to hit the turf
It's usually okay
I get the sympathetic silence resurrected everyday
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