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Krayzie Bone

"That's That Bone (feat. Wish Bone)"

You can call it what you want to
'spect when we roll through
(?) yeah thats just when we bust through
Swear n*gga Strate thug
Really n*gga bowl up
Laid out
Black out
Yall n*ggas f*cked up
It really dont matter
They scatter
We bustin
So f*ck em
Let em lay
I ain't really playin
n*ggas playin
Grown ass n*ggas down
To me, that sh*t is gay
Gotta go f*ck in my hotel room
Its about that money
That money
Gotta have me some money or else
Hitta n*gga to the white meat
Gonna get me some money
I ain't gotta tell a n*gga no
When you f*ckin wit the Bone
Better go for broke
And it really that serious better let it go
Ain't no telling when i might might just let it go

You mutha f*ckas better wake and smell
The marijuana in hell
A little ganja
To realize you dealin with a monster
Mastermind of rap and crime
Ill blast your mind
Im so sick but no need to call a doctor
Cause you will find ill kill for this with styles
I dont need no remedy im already fixed
n*gga take a hit of this
And you ain't never going back to that whack sh*t
Yall know what clique got the hits
But wait a minute
Im sick of n*ggas gettin all the credit
For being tough guys
And ain't got the balls to set it
I ran into that little n*gga when i seen him in the video
He can tell that we the real ain't for really hoes
Just because you strike a pose
In some pretty clothes
Really dont mean you n*ggas automatic criminals
You can fool the average joe
They dont really know
How a real n*gga let the mother f*cking trigger go

We the thuggish ruggish n*ggas that'll get in ya mind
With the rough and rugged lyrics that'll spit like a nine
And no matter what we give em its a hit everytime
But you know thats Bone
Thats that Bone

I told you n*gga you dealing with a beast
From the streets of cleveland down with Eazy E
n*ggas give me a reason to keep the heat in the seat
Right in my lap
So im in position to bust it back

Guess whos back to shut the lights down
Screaming out thug and no you ain't none
Gotta do something when we seem em
We gon run up on a n*gga
Gotta tell me something (something)

Take a journey to me violent side
Where riots lie
Hit 'im with the silenced 9
And quiet minds
Its still f*ck the law
And any other mother f*cker wanna run
Come on

And its easy; it dont take much to make it blow
Before you hear it
You gon feel it
Stay locked and loaded
Thugs like us
They dont make it
Get it straight dog
We roll up
They dont like it when we roll off

Mista Sawed off
Creepin the fog
All yall n*ggas die
Competition try
To see me but i doubt they can really get with the lyrical killas from the 99
Spittin when i ride by

Know what you doin when step; you can fall off
Hands up
Thugs coming through when we raw dog
Everywhere we go yes its like that
Everywhere we roll strapped to back
With thugs ready to go

(chorus) to end

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