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Krayzie Bone

"Intro (Thug Stories)"

[Krayzie Bone]
Who the n*gga with the gauge in ya face?
It's Leatherface in the place, about to hit ya in ya bankroll!
All the n*ggas that was poppin before started to rock it
We got this, now try to stop it if ya ain't hoes!
Wouldn't ya know, this the coldest flow, and have them feelin it all over the world
They see the Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone!
Me and my n*ggas is thorough-bred and every time we pull up in the party we twirl in
Yeah, they be like, "look, look, there go them Bone Thug n*ggas"
"I wonder if them n*ggas is really some thug n*ggas"
And then they start to drink and get a little buzz in em
And then they get to thinkin they can f*ck with us n*ggas
Now we don't need a lot of bodyguards when we roll
So, you know we packin heaters from the door
Fo-Fo, all I really need to guard my body
And plus I'm with some n*ggas all kind of psychotic...

[Wish Bone]
You n*ggas is f*cked, yeah! That's what ya gonna do?
When ya run up, ya done up, them busta n*ggas fools
And we don't play, catch a feelin, bring it yo way!
We them thugs, n*ggas really buzzed, n*gga all day!
If we have to, yeah, think about the time
When a n*gga disrespect mine, where I'm from, then I got to shoot!
St. Clair, yeah! Cleveland's right here!
Hustlin right here, them thugsta n*ggas right here!
What, what? Them other n*ggas play tenderous, and won't bust!
Not-not me no... no, not me no, I will, bust at will, I'll see ya
Comeback boy, for sayin what? And I'll spray ya, yes, I'll see ya, see ya
You should have never passed, stay in your place
Mind your bidness or end up needin a witness, yeahhhhhh....

[Layzie Bone]
Let me make this the last time, a n*gga gotta say this
The original Bone Thugs, them n*ggas ain't to play with
We get down for our damn thang, rank us among the greatest
And I'm sendin my shouts out, and f*ck you to the haters
Who deny? In 1994 we switched the game up
With the homies with the rappin and the flow that always change up
Playin lames in the games, what a shame, had to hang up
They music careers, cause my clique brought the bangers
These n*ggas wanna ride on a coat-tail
They stay on the di*k, because we servin 'em so swell
I remember when motherf*ckers called it bitin
They used to do that, cause these n*ggas couldn't write it
All I'm tryna say is, give a n*gga credit
If a n*gga can't get it, then a n*gga gettin deaded
It's all about respect, remember Layzie Bone said it
Better believe I'ma get mine, I'm dyin as a legend
I'm livin as a legend, if I want it I'ma get it
n*gga, hustle game tight, y'all can't f*ck with it
This swagger is so strong, been doin it so long
And n*gga it's so cold, with bidness!
We got the (Thugs) on the (Line), and the (Thugs) screamin (Mo!)
When we put it all together, thug n*ggas gettin dough
Settin trends in this b*tch, like we did it before
Still creepin on ah come up, through the backdoor, n*gga!

[door slams shut]

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