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Krayzie Bone

"Mr. Bill Collector"

[Hook/ Krayzie & Layzie]

Them callin' me Mr. Bill Collector
Needin' me money, won't ease up tonight
[See n*ggas can't stand us, so they label us scandalous]
And if them runnin' off with me cash
That ass gonna have to pay the price
[Meet a muthaf*ckin' po-po; gotta hit 'em with the fo'-fo']

[Verse 1: Krayzie Bone]

Don't be f*ckin' with my money, n*gga no
See when Krayzie pull the pump, then I kill 'em all
Pump slugs, when blood hit the wall, watch 'em fall
Now dog who ya gonna call?
Puttin' n*ggas in the coffin where they probably better off
And Leatherface is not a punk b*tch so a n*gga just can't f*ck me
n*gga better have me cash
Or I kill his whole family when the twelve gauge pump blast
Now test me
Never ever let a n*gga ride when he think he fin to slide
Pop him in the spine, get him for the money
n*gga tried to play me and dash
And that's why me thugs just put slugs in that ass, fatally
And me never want to see no
Oh jealous muthaf*cka tried to keep a n*gga ends low
If he scared to smoke a primo
Gotta go with the fiends and in the click is a no no
Gotta make that money man
Gimme all my change, it's a murder thang, now
Even in the dummy game
n*ggas comin' up slain for collectin' they claim
Now, Leatherface, me pick up me gauge
Leather mask and n*gga, me blast
So ya better respect us, when you see the bill collector
Rippin' killin' n*ggas for that mad money thang

[Verse 2: Layzie Bone]

n*ggas steady payin' them dues, runnin' with trues
Nothin' to lose, everything to prove
Little thug from the C-Town, never caught sleepin'
Always on the come up creepin'
Runnin' this sh*t now puttin' that Bone down
Gotta let a n*gga know for the love of cheese
Movin' thangs in the nine-five, rollin' with
Ruthless, thuggin' with my n*ggas from the Clair
And we smokin' them green leaves, f*ck with me now
Oh n*gga don't test rest, straight Leatherface in the place
On a mission don't be messin' with my bankroll
n*ggas wanna gank on Bone, so I stank them prank hoes
And I'm bettin' on me takin' no more losses
Put 'em in a coffin, and they life is better off
And these n*ggas they don't know me they can't know me
Thought you had a homie, but ya f*ckin' with the muthaf*ckin' Bone see
n*gga gotta get me mine on the nine-nine
In the nine-five, bodies dropping
When you hear my pistol select ah dome
Respect that True how's the underground sh*t
Mr. Bill Collector, Bone


Verse 3:Wish Bone

n*gga take it off thank ya please don't make me stank ya
Time to pay the bill, write your checks up all night
Catch a slug or chill, bill collectors better respect 'em
Mo Thug, sellin' drugs, pumpin' slugs all up in that rectum check 'em
Click-click, fall to the ground when the Glock pop n*gga chest pump blood
And takin' too long, better drop it on down or ya catchin' two to the head
Shoulda gave 'em up b*tch to the Mo Thug lunatic quick to pop, now you dead dead
Gotta pull that nine on the n*ggas everytime
Sellin' rocks on the nine-nine
Gotta put him on the pave
If ya want to die, put 'em in the grave better give me all them dimes

Bridge: Krayzie [Layzie]

[I didn't want to take his life
But the n*gga tried to run and get away with me yayo
[Now you see me, the murderer.]

[Verse 4: Bizzy Bone]
Sawed-off pumpin', dumpin' steadily all the way to the other side we ride
Sherm, when I hit that corner now, n*ggas is 'bout to die
Thugsta theivin' off in Cleveland and I couldn't sell out my ci-ty
Murder now to come up, move Bone'll be bringin' that city, wit me pin me
n*gga, this the team, by the way, don't f*ck with brains
Put in my mind all off on my murder murder y'all all, and I flees the scene
Clean, and I'm out to fade 'em, hey, and I'm out for money, gauged 'em
Better pray to save 'em, but it won't do any good, now bang bang Caution I lossin' me brain get 'em up off the 'cane, bang
Kill a n*gga, bang pull a trigger, bang
Comin' up out to wet 'em, man
Off with the blood, put 'em in the mud with a slug thug gotta get paid
Reachin' on back as we bail to pick up me shells
No slippin' the buck and the gauge spray
Sawed-off on the block c*cked, ready to pop ya, now cause broke gets played
This dope get paid and n*gga, come drop it down

Hook 3x

Your rent's due, muthaf*cka!

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