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Krayzie Bone


Woke up this mornin' fifty-five past six
Eazy-muthaf*ckin-E with tha hard ass di*k
n*gga plottin', ahhhh
n*gga schemin'so don't wake me b*tch cuz I'm dreamin
1-8-7s on b*tches in my head, n*gga up
Snorin' like f*ck, sleep in fear
c*ck my nine, and I'm out the window
Drunk as f*ck and high off that indo
n*gga E, C-P-T, the O.G
And I really don't think u wanna f*ck with me
n*gga walkin half up with nine in hand
I gives a mad f*ck but they don't understand
I wet 'em up, wet 'em up, wet 'em up
Now back to the mutha f*ckin set, creepin crawlin crawlin creepin
Don't get caught sleepin

Sleepwalkin stalkin runnin with the guage up under this murderous spell now
Consider me hellbound, crossin my path, I'mma drop this 12-guage shell down
On the road to destruction, guage eruption, creepin so I'm cautious
Catch a n*gga sleep, six feet deep
And scopin out peepin cause ya be makin me nauseous
Deeper than a ocean man, hitttin you with this potion man
Death runnin up from the left, Bang! #1 in this murder game, insane
See a n*gga fall victim, pick him, me click him, hunt on this deadly prowl
Watch out for the nightfall,when them come, mo murder be a n*gga style
Mo murder, me comin to serve ya
Judgement day, me reapin
Lil Lay on the deep end
So me flipped with a spiff and I caught them sleepin
Eternally soldiers of the Clair, keep it ruthless, Mo Thugs
Little Layzie ya big boss, wanna floss on this
Gotta make that cheese, yeah n*gga we gettin 'em

[It's on on on] n*gga let's killa killa killa
Bodies they count, me buckin em down, stay down
Murder me style, me put em in the ground now way down
Steady flip when I bang, bang, man
Flippin I roll with me gun
Still it's itchin to bang, bang, hang
And it's all the same
They willin to serve ya mo murder, mo murder
They thinkin you tangle but when they get mangled
Rip all of your soldiers scream, but no body heard ya
Then pop in the clip if ya lettin me doze off, you lost
Creepin, I'm drunk when I stalk me victim
Sleepwalk with the intent to kill him
Woke up and my shovel done soaked in blood, put em in the mud
Dont know what it was but his gut was still drippin off me f*ckin gloves
Then I got me strapped up, straight-jacked up, but man i'll be reapin
Creepin up under your dome, it's seepin
When the sawed off get to creepin,fall victim

Me stalkin, chalkin up bloody victims
Rest, the Ripsta, the sinister kill a n*gga
Put him in a river, bodies shiver, pump blood now
Wanna rest with the Mo Thugs, buckin em on down
What is it in ya, deep in the dead and we get fried
P.O.D. d when it comes to ride
Creep out your seat, but dont fall in the night
Once inside, forgettin about remorse
Tour curse'll ride, cry now when I'm ready to lie down
Then I awake in a mental state somebody gotta die now
I'll pap pap puttin a clack back in a me gat
Not never to mention never to mention
It'll be over when I take a nap, me deadly
But then me put in the bullet, the wickedness in me
And I'm on a mission on murder roll city to city without no pity
Well I got a clique see
My n*ggas up out of the woods reapin
Peep me creepin out of the corner, who just got caught sleepin?

Once the Mo comes up thers gonna be murder
Killer when the night falls
And it ain't sh*t to kill cuz I really don't love ya
Don't run, run, run, I like my knife
Run up with that gun, gun, gun, and take your life
Straight-jakket is loose creepin up to get ya get ya
But fo' mo killas #1, Leatherface,that psycho and that killa Ripsta
Dippin me clip and me dumpin, me ditch ya
Thought he was dead but they saved him with stitches
When I come hard let's kill em all, n*ggas and b*tches
Leave no witnesses

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