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Krayzie Bone

"Tear the Roof Off"

[Intro: Thin C & Krayzie Bone]
Let it burn (burn, haters, burn)
Uh, uh, let it burn (let that fire burn)
Uhh, uhh.. let it burn (burn, haters, burn)
Uhh, uhh

[Verse 1: Thin C]
Rest is for the restless, sleep is for the dead
Thin C in this b*tch, puttin' lame n*ggas to bed
You catchin' hot ones to your dome for the stupid sh*t you said
The game goes wrong when you're snitchin' to the Feds
'Kill all rats,' that's how Pistol Pete say it
The roof's on fire? Let the motherf*cker burn
Mo Thug, ThugLine, Bone Thug, it's your turn
Slap these n*ggas with a pistol grip and lay 'em on the curb

[Verse 2: Krayzie Bone]
I keep n*ggas charisma left blurry, b*tches is lookin at me leary
Feelin' weary as we sink 'em, to the bottom of Lake Erie, hear me
One lyrical genius man, I mean I'm the meanest
See how they swing on my p*nis, watch how they sing and try to be us
Yeah, we them n*ggas that like to f*ck up the party
Already drunk off Bacardi and start sh*t with everybody-body
You wanna battle me n*gga? You better come check my f*ckin' status, my n*gga
You hoes ain't got lyrics to handle me, n*gga
Man, I got styles, styles, and many styles
To make you get down, get down, get down
When you see that black Caddy better respect (respect)
It's the Granddaddy of the Midwest

[Verse 3: Keef G]
They paid to say that snappy sh*t, n*gga that nappy sh*t
Gone off a fifth, it's your boy, Keef Griff
In the alley with that bum sh*t, f*ck a job sh*t
Bone scoop me up, give me the pill, watch me run this
Dippin' like I'm Reggie Bush through your neighborhood
Five on the wood make it all go good
On stage where a n*gga stood
I'm a Layzie, Krayzie n*gga, so I Wish you would
Ride the 'Line motherf*cker, try and stop mine, stick to your crime
I'm from that West Coast sunshine, born to rhyme
Still I struggle in these hard times, who got a dime or a nickel
To help yo' n*gga get up out of this pickle; you see?

[Verse 4: Layzie Bone]
They call him Da Bum 'cause he from the slums
Straight from the gutter, gettin his paper while you lookin' for 'em
He wants some beef with thirty skinny n*ggas strapped up
I steamroll 'em like a Mack truck, man I'm leavin' these n*ggas stacked up
And they home, it's not hard to find 'em
Put that pistol to yo' head and leave you absent-minded
I'm a hustler grindin', all about perfect timin'
I'm complicated n*gga, simple like Simon
Bone boys shinin', test the skill
Look a n*gga up and down like, "Is you for real?"
Better chill or catch a reflex
Have a n*gga on the ground screamin', "Respect!"

[Verse 5: Thin C]
n*gga you bound to get a hot one popped at ya
Froze from your head to toe like the Rocky statue
Too late to say that you ain't know that you was high-cappin'
Runnin' off at the lip - here's a tip b*tch!
Backhands and combinations, they don't miss
I don't discriminate, I eliminate; do you like Bush did Saddam
Crush your whole world, catastrophic like a bomb
That's how the roof got tore off this motherf*cker. man

[Outro: Krayize Bone & Thin C]
Burn, haters, burn (uh, uh.. let it burn)
Let that fire burn (uhh, uhh.. let it burn)
Burn, haters, burn (uhh, uhh)
Let that fire burn (uh, uh)

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