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Krayzie Bone

"Wind Blow"

[Intro: Layzie Bone]
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Aiyyo we ain't always been accepted like this
'Til a n*gga got that Grammy
{"Listen to the wind blowwwwww" - Fleetwood Mac}
Open the do' n*gga

[Layzie Bone]
Bone Thugs got a story that's similar to Mike Jones
You can ask my homies
I remember back in the days when they didn't want me
Now I blew up they all on me
They smiles phony, it's hard to determine who really is wit'chu
These n*ggas is fake
They tryin to eat out of yo' plate and you can't get a break
Now how much can you take, for heaven's sakes
I can't wait, they got me listenin {"Listen to the wind blowwwwww"}

[Krayzie Bone]
Sittin back blowin on my indo
Rollin with my middle finger hangin out the window, let's roll
Get your motherf*ckin hand out my pocket
Now you wanna be a n*gga friend like we partners
n*gga we was lookin for a deal and you dodged us
Never did call us, what was yo' problem?
But now we ridin by
Listen to the wind blow {"Listen to the wind blowwwwww"}

[Wish Bone]
n*ggas tell the real from the fake when it comes from the streets
Live in peace like a beat, like a drum from the ghetto (ghetto)
Give us our peace, won't let it go (let it go)
Said we wouldn't make it now we some of the greatest
Bumpin through yo' trunks and yo' radio, radio!

[Hook 2X: sample of "The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac]
And if you don't love me now
You will never love me again
I can still hear you saying
You would never break the chain (never break the chain)

[Layzie Bone]
Fo' true thugs from the Double-Glock
A n*gga ready to rumble when the trouble knocks
Took one-way tickets straight off the block
We gon' make this pay, y'all n*ggas just watch
+All Eyez on Me+ like my name was 'Pac
f*ckin hip-hop cop got a plastic Glock
I'm takin drastic shots 'til these bast*rds stop
When the casket drop, I'll be mashin out
In a brand new drop-top Fire, n*gga
Listenin to the wind {"Listen to the wind blowwwwww"}

[Krayzie Bone]
Killin a n*gga with an automatic weapon
When they step up they get hit up with a AK-47
Everybody's tryin to get a n*gga with a blessin
They better not mess with mine cause I'm tellin
All you n*ggas from the beginnin, that it ain't no pretendin
Conversate you gon' get in
You better listen, listen, listen
{"Listen to the wind blowwwwww"}

[Wish Bone]
If you get it take it to the fullest inch for inch just do it, do it
Grab the game do it to it, to it
Chasin change but still, hood - live it or love it
Diamonds in the rough, don't come by to my hood, hood, hood


[Interlude: Krayzie Bone]
Murderous ways (murder dem, murder dem, all)
In ev-ery way (murder dem, murder dem, all)
In the early days (murder dem, murder dem, all)
Controversial (murder dem, murder dem, all)

[Krayzie Bone]
See me flow like the wind blow, never see me cause I get ghost
So a n*gga never get close, I go fast or slow no matter the tempo
Murder the instrumental, murder the rhythm
I run to the rhythm of murda, it's murda
This lyrical venom I serve up, gon' kill 'em at minimal murder
n*gga burn somethin (some'n) stick with Granddaddy, stack cash
n*gga you better learn some'n (some'n) we got the hood hot locked
Even got the 'burbs bumpin - everybody tryin to get in
Don't nobody wanna be left in the wind (nope nope nope nope)

[Layzie Bone]
Uh-uh, n*gga better not try to miss the boat
The early bird get the worm, took the game by the throat
And squeezed, 'til the motherf*cker broke
Believe, it's murder we wrote
It's dope that we serve from the curb to the booth
These n*ggas gon' feel it cause we spit the truth
Ain't never no fakin, that Grammy the proof
Haters just hatin we do what we do {"And if..."}
Let 'em talk 'til they blue in the face
Only because we blew up in they face
If Bone was hurtin if that was the case
I'd probably go loco and catch me a case
n*gga just move, and give me some space
When I let the wind, blow in my face
n*gga don't quit 'til I finish the race
Number One in the place, better make no mistakes


[Outro: Krayzie Bone]
And now we ridin by
And now we ridin by
Now we ridin by
Now we ridin by

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