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Krayzie Bone

"Not My Baby"

[Krayzie] Intro
Nothin just bangin'. ("I see you tryin to play me" x 4 in background)
What's up wit you?
That's cool
I just got a call from my momma, you know wha I'm sayin?
Said she got call from my lawyer
And guess what?

[Krayzie] Hook
Lawyer just told me, he told me what it is
That bast*rds not my babyyyyy. ("not mine" x 4 in background)
I see you tryin to play me, (babyyyyy x 2)
I see you tryin to play me. (babyyyyy x 2)
You know, why me?
X 2

[Krayzie] Verse 1
I guess you blamed it on the wrong n*gga, it ain't mine
I took the test and the results read it, you was lyin. (b*tch you was lyin, lyin)
But you was cryin in my motherf*ckin face
And all the while tellin n*ggas how you fin to get paid off Kray'
Thought you had a bone
b*tch got sh*t all wrong, a y'all know
I was suspicious from the front door, (front door)
Wasn't surprised when the ho took me to court and say she want do
Now the b*tch has got the people in my business, (all in my business)
They come to find out, ain't even one of my children
You illin, playin with these kids man
You're dead wrong, got this baby callin me daddy
But daddy's a unsolved mystery
Cause appearently mommy ain't carin what she sleeps now
What ya gone do?
Tell her the truth or say I left you, like ho's do

[Krayzie] Hook
Repeat hook x 2

[Layzie] Verse 2
I shoulda knew your ass was drama
Round here tellin everybody yous my baby mama
Sayin I'm a buy you this and that like I'm your f*ckin sponser
Look your honour, I ain't payin a dime
Because that young'n right there mine
I ain't lyin, I ain't no deadbeat daddy, with intent to be neglectin
All I wanted was some sex, but now she tryin to get a check
But baby hold on won't you wait a minute
The DNA a read negative, f*ckin these chickens ain't no way to live
They tryin to get up in your pockets and break you down
For 18 years, so who rapin who now
Ninety-nine point nine percent not
I mean I ain't that baby father, I ain't gotta be bothered
With all that bullsh*t you stressin me with, testin my wits
I'm just about to slap in the clip, and do me a b*tch
I'm through with this sh*t, I keep it real with my lady
Now you chickens that play me, don't knock that n*gga little Layzie

[Child] Catch
Mo-mmy, hey mommy where's my da-ddy, where's my da-ddy?
X 4

[Bizzy] Verse 3
I chip in, cause I'm chillin enough
Makin mill-i-ons, she wants some do, b*tch NO!
Go get a J-O-B
Willin to help and I, help yourself for sho
I better play daddy
Comin out a woman in wich she never had me
Sadly, always in transition leavin gladly
sh*t, I tried to be the papi
Nothin 'gainst the baby, momma can't make me happy
f*ck yeah I'm crazy, my father never knew about me
I was young, while another man mad at me
I got no real fam, maybe it's swellin straight
God I love you Lay', noone get in the way

[Krayzie] Hook
Repeat hook x 2

[Wish] Verse 4
Why can't we pressure these broads, the way they pressure on us
That paper came and it read that n*gga wasn't my son
Why can't we counter sue these b*tches on the way they do us
Test one, test two, said I wasn't the one
So you can cancel that mo-ney!
Ri-din!, and flossin my mo-ney!
Oooh, I know you had a plan, lo-vely!
I hope the real baby daddy live his life, y-eah!
And you can tell your little girlfriend to stay out my face
I see you ain't told her the results of what you got in your case
You get's nada, what you ain't heard
I ain't the real baby's father, not a dollar
I guess the best is the best, somebody woulda got hurt
Cause I ain't payin for nothin, I got for free with no work
You so scandalous
Heard about my Benz, look they came and tried to relate us

[Krayzie] Hook
Repeat hook x 4

Beitch x 3 til fade

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