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Krayzie Bone

"Reason To Hate Me"

[Verse 1:]
Kray, Kray, Kray Jackson BONE!
Like never before
I'm ready to tingle for what I hear though
When I step through the door
The lyric will hit you like a pit bull
b*tch, I split the bullsh*t, ah
One verse, I'm doin' 'em like my pistol once I pull the trigger
Mister Sawed-Off Leathaface!
One of you n*ggas lose the ghetto cuz y'all don't wanna battle
See that'll be like a taliban going against America
That's like you handin' me a shovel and askin' me to bury ya
No thats like...
Yo! Y'all really wanna know what that's like?
That's like suicide, like suicide
So cold, I freeze any MC thinkin' he hot
Show him the reason why he not as sick or slick as he thought
Show him that heat that quickly drop from his number one spot
And show them why we can't be stopped once we in major block
I won't even need to bring the whole team
No, just me, just me
Hatin', Hatin' cuz they ain't dope, just me

I can be the reason, I can be the reason
I give 'em a reason, I give 'em a reason
I can be the reason, I can be the reason
I give 'em a reason, I give 'em a reason
Go on hate me, hate me
Hate me, hate me
Hate me, hate me
Hate me, hate me
Go on hate me, hate me
Hate me, hate me
Hate me, hate me
Hate me, hate me

[Verse 2:]
I'm like a suicide bomber full of drama makin' 'em feel the pressure
Yes, sir
They best go ring the alarm
My weapon is simply the microphone that's in my palm
Invade the just like 'nam (Vietnam)
Then hang 'em just like Saddam
Give me the pad and its on, on, on
So I gotta tell them beginnin' action
So let me pick up the pen and attack them
Like a bottle of Henny, I crack them
Back 'em up
Stack 'em up
Now, go meet the reaper
You know when it come to the rap game
I's the Caesar
Recognize, believe us
Cuz the style is beast
I guarantee not one MC can get mo' down than these
Spit and flow rounds like me
That wicked sound like me
Creepin', creepin outta the woods
Shut down the town like me
Go pound for pound like me
Come take your crown like me
Or shake the ground like me
Or make 'em bow like me
Or raise a 'brow like me
Rock the crowd like me
It really don't matter whenever they come with, it's weak if its not me

[Repeat Chorus:]

[Verse 3:]
Come ride the rhythm of a straight ex-convict
Got atomic bomb spit
Crucial in the conflict, conflict
Comin' around here all flexed out and swolled up
But I bet they leave here in a hearse
Stretched out and rolled up
The never believe that one verse can crush they whole work
Hush your whole turf
Reverse your whole worth
Killa, its just like murda
187 kill 'em down with the illest style and with that bombay
Now how many times I gotta learn 'em that them Bones is eternal and the flow is so inferno
So hot
You better go ask about me
It's safe to say the game couldn't last without me
Not to brag, but I know its been a drag without me
Its been gloomy
Too many rappers left you sad and cloudy
With they fraudulent skills, skills, oughta get killed
Charged and convicted, n*ggas ought to be killed
Dead, dead, dead, dead
No longer breathin'
Leakin', leave 'em in the red
If ya scared, call the feds
And tell 'em 'America's Most Wanted' is here
They really don't even know how they slept on me for years
Its probably cuz they was caught up on all of that garbage on the radio
Time to realize and recognize that I'm the way to go
100 percent prove true
The real deal, ill skill, gon' do what they do

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