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Krayzie Bone

"Put It on Y'all (feat. Wish Bone)"

We tha surviviors, the hustlers, thugsters, the riders
Rollin up on bustas surprise em
With guns and knuckles
They bound to get broken, buck 'em
Been down before thuggish ruggish
Come around on my muh f**kas
Only God keep it bumping lovely
This money do wonders fo me
You know me from Bone thugs
So show me some Bone love
My roadies is strong nuff
Drink 40's and smoke blunts still
I'm giving out shots to the thugs in the Glock Glock
To the n*ggas on high blocks
Bustin back at the cops boy
Can't stop me
Im up in ya sh*t like paparazzi
Competition is sloppy
Yall position not even worthy
Got me pumpin'
Krayzie be bumpin'
Dumpin' the bloody body
Me never knew one that could flow with the tongue
We comin' to shoot up your posse (shoot up your posse)
We hit 'em with trill n*ggas
And we come though wit real killas
On the road to this meal ticket
My pistol is still wit me
The lyrics is ill wicked
Them n*ggas is still trippin
And talkin sh*t after this my n*gga gon get up in that grill
Hear me?!

Won't weep no mo
Won't speak no mo
Won't beef no mo
Once we put it on yall
Won't weep no mo
Won't speak no mo
Won't beef no mo
Once we put it on yall

Need a reason to complete my mission
10 years and they still listening
When you see me you know me
From the streets we dont f**k wit no b*tch n*ggas
Heads blown, heads gone
If they steppin wrong we let 'em know
Straight from the do' jus where we coming from
Let it go and reload
If you need some mo
Let 'em know
Its Mo'
Get spit at
Or pull it no matter them thugs gon git wit cha killa
Day time or at night
When you kissin baby night night
You can die (rock a by)
Got thugs but they ain't need us
We thugs for a f**kin reason
Scuffed up
F**ked up
Leave em mud
Thats how you gotta leave em
Bodybags (trunk)
Trash bags
They pickin up the pieces
n*ggas is hungry dog
They flossin so get em yall
Got b*tches that want it too
Straight up thuggin to get you
That Gucci that bling ooh
Got em doing what n*ggas do
They will murda yall
Send em up in there and then we rush all yall
Thats thugsta sh*t
Thas how we roll


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