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Krayzie Bone

"Da Bullsh*t"

Krayzie Bone:Thug Mentality

{Mo Thug Family Reunion - Intro plays in the car stereo while a pager goes off}

Krayzie Damn, your sh*t goin' off, n*gga, damn
Friend Damn, I know this ain't this b*tch callin' me again, man, on some
Call this ho back and see what the
f*ck she talkin' 'bout now
Krayzie Still f*ckin' with them fatal-ass b*tches, n*gga
Friend Damn. Petty-ass b*tches
{Phone rings and a baby cries}
b*tch Sorry-ass n*ggas, I know this him
Friend Okay, uh....
b*tch: Hello?
Friend Man, what the f*ck is up?
b*tch Who the f*ck is Shaniqua...
Krayzie Damn, she louder than a muthaf*cker. Flippin' on your ass
b*tch ...who f*ck is Dominique, and who the f*ck is Nicole?
Friend Hey, hold up, b*tch, hold the f*ck up
b*tch f*ck this! I am so tired of you
Friend Tired of me? b*tch, I'm tired of your ass!
b*tch You know what, I can't believe a muthaf*ckin' thing you tell me
Friend You ain't got to believe a muthaf*ckin' thing, and you know what? f*ck
Krayzie Damn! Damn, n*gga! Look at them hoes -hey- look at them hoes on the
Corner, n*gga, look!
Look at them hoes right there, n*gga, damn!

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