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Krayzie Bone

"Po Folk Holiday"

Broke, Po', Folk Holiday
It's the ghetto level
Broke, Po', Folk Holiday
It's the ghetto level

[Verse 1 - Krayzie Bone]
n*gga just rollin' rollin' and it ain't got no dough in yo pocket
That don't stop ya! (No!)
Cause you know you can get that buzz on and ya got to holla!
Call a doctor cause i'm sick of bein' broke, but hey
I'm a survivor I can cope if I smoke good jane!
It's always like this at the end of the month
When we literally down in the dumps, (?)
But don't let us scrape, Let's celebrate
Let's elevate, Smoke out and levitate
I need to meditate, on how yo man can make
A plan to generate, A couple Benny Franks
That ghetto wine got my mind, Now i'm high (high)
I'm still broke, but, I feel fly (fly)
Don't want this like the end so we gon' all pitch in (pitch in)
Where I fit in I get in, Blowin' wit' the wind
Rollin' all the way, and
You know it's all a shame
All around the world they got the holiday


[Verse 2 - Countrified]
Yeah, this for my n*ggas workin' paycheck to paycheck
And the whole next check you supposed to pay that bill?
I teach y'all to live some and catch it up next week
We don't give a damn, I'm tryin' not to be stressed
I need a Newport and some liquor just to help me with that
I been broke so long it don't bother me at all man
I'm cool with just gettin' two cigarettes and a tall can
Call up the boys and, pitch in on a party
? collectin' three or four dollars from everybody
Save ten dollars and get that (?)
And three dollars for a box Strawberry Swisher
And get a pack of weenies and two (?) of chicken
Grab some (?) and some bread and that Gin from micky
Call Vicky and check and see if her friends wanna kick it
And watch us playin' on holidays for lesser than fifty i'm sayin' yeah...

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