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Krayzie Bone

"Scrape The Block"

As I roam these streets and hug this corna’
On the come up so I creep with a thug’s persona
I’m kinda like a gangsta but don’t hang with a gang of suckers
That’s only down to cause ruckus when it’s enough of y’all
I’m solo I ride for dolo because if you don’t know
A partner in crime will get you time so he no-go
I’m riding in the cold snow way below zero
Survivin’ the goal is to score me a kilo
And quietly keeping these n*ggas up out my business they snitches
The women is bidding more than the n*ggas, you feel me
Stay filthy with my dirty di*kies on worn and dingy
? So I’m really not all that friendly
And if I see you and you balling, I’m gon need to borrow some
Better not give me no problems dog I’d hate to take tomorrow from you
Coming to set up shop I’m plotting to take your spot
Shake the cops make it pop while I scrape the block

[Chorus] 2x
Being relentless when I’m chasing that paper (cash money)
Strictly business when I’m after them Franklins (dollar bills)

I’m really not known as average matter of fact I’m actually scandalous
You can go ask them who’s the baddest and they’ll tell you it’s that masked man
Harassing you just give me the cash and we gon’ see what this here Magnum do
When bullets advance in you and your man too
You finna get ran through you finna get bamboozled
So gimme the money the dope the keys to the Bentley coop or I’ ma ooze
Kinda like Robin Hood then again I’m like the poor folks
I’m robbing it but I’m giving it to myself kicking with that 44
My warning shots produce victims so it better not be no more starting out before I finish
I’m running up out the crackhouse with big bundles of cash
Wildout bow down to your knees
Count out loud call the police
Soon as you hear my bucket burn rubber that’s when you know it’s safe to come out
See y’all ain’t got to worry about me because n*gga I’ma eat
As long as it’s money out in the street


Check it out after twelve o’ clock I need all y’all little n*ggas off the block
I’ ma need all y’all squeal n*ggas off my jock
If it’s nervousness that you feel n*gga call the cops
But I’m taking over this here your boss best to beware
Whoever think that they large or in charge come meet the new dog
Scraping that block taking back everything I came for
Don’t play I’m gon' bang (gon’ bang)
The ghetto one man band man gun man stand man
I do this I don’t need no right hand man fam bam
This is serious business I ain’t laughing and I ain’t kidding
This Magnum is not empty and ammo I got plenty
(Plenty) Really though even the sneakers on your feet
(My n*gga you can give me those) We can even do this discretely
And this is all day everyday comeup
From sun up to sundown I’m lurking so n*gga what up

[Chorus] 2x

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