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Krayzie Bone

"Hold On To Ya Soul"


Don't fold. Hold on to ya soul. (2x)

It's the end of the world but ain't nobody believin'. The ruler of the world is a demon. Everybody sleepin' Chasing the devil, Chasing they dreams and they ain't payin' attention to the season
Satan and his legions, leadin', deceivin', committing treason
And we've been blindly appeasin' his evil schemes and it's all for selfish reasons
As the level deepens, their faith begins to weaken. Temptation starts to sneak in, creep in, snatch you by your neck, you're barely breathin', you're wheezin', stop yelling cause nobody hear ya screamin'

Evil intentions, propaganda, devilish wars, political scandals, fight for power
Race for madness, racist hatred, matrix status
Murderous violence, suicidal bombers, time's erupting from corruption
Plus weapons of mass destruction, we can't do nothing but pray (pray, pray)
So we pray and we pray
We can't escape the great tribulations
Satan still tryna hit me up with his temptation, mayhem
Don't wanna sell our souls but yet we racin', chasin'
After weapon fleshly situations
After flesh and deadly situation

(Chorus 1)
Don't fold. Hold on to ya soul (Thou shalt not fall)
Don't fold. Hold on to ya soul (Thou shalt not die)
Don't fold. Hold on to ya soul (Thou shalt not fear)
Don't fold. Hold on to ya soul (Thou shalt not kill)

Don't burn in the fire, fire, cause you wanna climb high up, higher
Eye to eye with my messiah as I watch my time expire
Let me prepare for this battle againts my flesh cause it's myself that I
Need to get under control cause you never know. I could be my death tonight
And the devil, he ain't ever sleepin' so that mean the battle is like never-ending
And his graphic's so vicious in visions. I don't think it's gon' be a heavenly ending. When ya (???) defenses and I'm hoping that once I repent it
My creator don't say that I'm in it too late and the gate has been closed
But what if I missed it?
Pushin' to make it relentless. Not makin' it really is senseless
Want your name in the Book of Life? Better get it right. Better handle your business

(Chorus 2)

Dialogue from Crossroads (1986 film)

(Willie Brown:)
Come to see you, tell you the deal is off
I didn't end up with nothing. Didn't get nothing!

You got what you was supposed to get, bluesman!
Ain't nothing ever as good as we want it to be!
But that ain't no reason to break a deal

I don't wanna die!
Who die? You die. (6x)
To die (to die)
What it means (what it means) to die (to die)
It means deceased (deceased)
No more (no more) your life (your life, your life)


I see the days gettin' shorter. Better ride on out away from Babylon (Babylon)
Cause when it fall I ain't really trying to be involved at all with Babylon (Babylon)

Hold on. To ya soul

Chorus and vocal solo

Krayzie (Outro)
Don't fold. Don't fold, hold on to life. (4x)
Only escape, race this race and make sure you survive. (2x)
I'm just tryna warn ya. I get at ya
I'm simply tryna to warn ya. I get at ya
Messenger of music
The messenger of music
Warn ya. I get at ya

Thanks to the guys on BTNHBoard

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