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Krayzie Bone

"Armed and Dangerous"

Armed and Dangerous x3

[Verse 1: Fortay]
I rep for western sydney, b*tches can't contain there c*nt
I spark the flame and puff, always armed and dangerous
I think it best you get me, or you might have a problem
Its hard to make enough, so i ain't never stopping
You aren't the same as us, im wasting counter money
Im adding up the figures, you c*nts amount to nothing
I puff an ounce of something, you scraping up for cones
Got a problem with me, then make it f*cking known
Save it c*nt I'm grown, Ill say it like it is
Ain't no dolly done, i dont play with kids
You clame youre holding guns, well come and use em c*nt
Syd boy, the only thing, you faggots shooting up, who the f*ck wanna test
Then come get a peace and vest before i beat you west
If i keep the west and squeezes then yes its easy to leave a mess
Krayzie Bone with the UBD fort, we making it know, so f*ck who youre for, save it bro
If your nothing but talk, aim straight for the dome, so duck or get caught

Armed and Dangerous x3

[verse 2: UBD]
Armed and dangerous, young toke , came to blaze cannabus , came to bust
Listen c*nt, you dont need to ask, burn your ass, and i p*ss on c*nts
Run around, get my fists in cuffs, ill bottle c*nts, and ill split you up
And ill stitch you up, ill hit you up, huff and puff that sticky stuff
Got a biggie sl*t, you like E? pop this pill, you love three
Where i come from they pop them tills, B and E them window sills
UBD that thing that kills, pus*y rappers need that skill, keep it real
Western syd, dont think so come and test the kid, I'mma murder you
Never heard of you, b*tch i dont want no word from you, you a nerd to me
b*tch you ain't for real, b*tch I'm for real, ill hurt you
Throw dirt on you im underground, b*tch sicker then some tundra now
Where sydney is my f*cking town, my playground i ain't playing around
Lets break it down, ill slay a pound, what you laughing about?
Ill slay a clown, haaa.. ill turn you to a friend, you up side down
Im shaking you, like were falling out, whats it all about ?
You motherf*cking hanging around, iv banged around, iv been to jail
You f*cking mushies chasing tail.. haaa

Armed and Dangerous x 3

[verse 3: Krayzie Bone]
Retaliation, wanna grab this mic, yall need to proceed with the evacuation
When i get the crack and n*ggas can't fathom, madness from master Krayzie
Jackson stab em, dag em, you the baddest? that just actuation, but i kill with a passion
Rappers clash in jail like clash a clay hem, n*ggas on they mind, put me on they line
Ain't never no computation, better come ready, coz all of my opposition are in a composition
Dont even let them get near me, let this place show the realest
So if you think you can deal me one, you should know that we kill for fun
Feel me son, i no i slow down, ill take it right now, the weapon is a steel me gun
Cleveland is the city we come from, so n*gga we live to rum, kick the drum
Spit the blunt and hit you some, hit the pump and buck em a couple of verses
Never knew i could spit murder, captain got you dead man, pumped slumped your head man
Yes I'm the dead man, kill them all thats what i said man, when i let the bone know
Whats leather face and a half, rotation, don't play, we got the mag in your mouth

Armed and Dangerous x 3

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