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Krayzie Bone

"Nuthin' But Music"

[Krayzie Bone]
Now I could remember back in the day n*gga was gangsta to death
N.W.A.'s "Gangsta Gangsta" had n*ggas up under arrest
"Cause the +Boyz N The Hood+ was always hard" (always hard)
And we love to bump that sh*t in our stolen car
Wakin up at +6'n the Mornin'+, Ice T that sh*t blowed up
Had all us n*ggas tryin to be some high rollers
But hold up, remember the f*ckin "diggy diggy Doc y'all"
Cause it get funky enough, we ain't forgot dawg
J.J. Fad, talkin about some "Supersonic"
It was corny, but them broads looked good back then
sh*t, I was into drinkin alcohol, skippin school
n*gga was havin a ball, Tone had me +Loc'n+ it, after dark
Go in the park, n*ggas was flossin they rides
And n*gga my posse ride by, on their BMX bikes
n*ggas flossin all the old school, party and smokin and drinkin
"Livin like some hustlers," stringin
Above the Law, was the sh*t we was playin
While I was standin on the corner tryin to make some money man
Remember "these are the tales, the +Freaky Tales+"
Too $hort, now this is where the pimpin begin in the industry
Throw up your hands if you're feelin me
I'm just sayin, I give up love so y'all just better remember me

[Hook 4X: Krayzie - singing]
Ain't nuttin but music (ain't nothin but music)
It ain't nuttin but music (ain't nothin but music music)
This ain't nothin but music

[Krayzie Bone]
Now whenever "the East was in the house, oh my God"
We would fo'sho' keep the party live if you put on some Boogie Down
Production, blastin the KRS-One
Now what about Just Ice - "Suicide, it's a suicide, biddy-bye-bye"
Remember the Biz Markie, "Ah-one-two, ah-one-two"
And Big Daddy Kane, told them n*ggas
That it Ain't (Ain't) No (No) Half (Half) Steppin' (Steppin')
At the house parties the DJ scratchin up the record
It was Mar-ley Marl, got the whole party bumpin
Remember "the freaks come out at night" - they wasn't frontin
Oh, this was the jam, "Roxanne Roxanne"
Everybody and they momma did a reply to them n*ggas man
What y'all n*ggas know about that Chill Rob G
n*gga +Ride the Rhythm+, Flavor Unit MC's
Chubb Rock sellin yellin "I'm a DJ in the vader"
And I couldn't wait to see, Jam Master Jay
We was "ohh-la ohh-la ayy, ohh-la ohh-la ayy"
Kept the people dancin the song with Kid 'N Play
I said it's kept the people dancin the song with Kid 'N Play
Now Runnnn (Run) D.M.C. (C) - was fresh (fresh)
Knock 'em out the box Rick, knock 'em out Rick
Doug E. got your back up with that funky beatbox sh*t
The Fat Fat Fat Boys, and Kurtis Blow
Came with the "These, are, +The Breaks+!" (breaks)
Is you feelin me? n*gga is you feelin me?
I'm just sayin, I give up love so y'all just better remember me


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