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Krayzie Bone

"Thug On Da Line"

These n*ggas don't know who the f*ck they f*ckin with man
On the real sh*t n*gga, this is Thugline n*gga
And I'm that n*gga Mr. Sawed Off Leathaface
And I dedicate this sh*t to all them motherf*ckas who used to be down
Wanna be down, but can't never be down
And that's simple because we ain't f*ckin with no punk pus*y ass n*gga
You know them n*ggas that always talk the real sh*t
But they can never walk the real sh*t
Listen up this ones for you, for you

[Verse 1: Asu]
Soon as I hear these cheese
I'ma stick you like I took ya picture, Kodak smile
You know that number to dial when in need of work, I proceeds to lurk
Squattin and schemin plottin on demon
And It's a whole lot of semen in this di*k
Packin bisquit, once the bisquits is baked
It boils down to the risk us n*ggas take
Try Asu and leave ya loable to get floored
And if you ain't fully insured you ain't just asleep, n*gga snore
I got somethin it (all things)
You got some Henny n*gga pour it (we can all drank)
I done lost somethin I ain't tryin to find and I know it's love
Even though I'm dying inside, n*gga is still a thug
The company I keep be wantin me to heat f*ck boom
I don't really wanna scorn, how I'm supposed to warn?
My folk once provoked, It's on and not gradually
Casualties is random, and like I tell 'em I dump naturally

[Verse 2: K-Mont]
Ay, yo, ay yo whatever you, saw I seen it
Whatever I say, I mean it
Most of y'all b*tch n*ggas wasn't thugs until Bone screamed it
Recognize the wisdom f*ck that n*gga shooting clips
Matter of fact I'm tired of talking, pull you pistol keep walking
Catch me on the puly wearing a hoodie
Or standing on n*gga lines, stressin, conversation about dying it's Thugline
That n*ggas be asking who is he?
It's that n*gga from Jersey, motherf*cka it's K-Mizzy

Them motherf*ckin thugs is in the place to be
f*ckin sh*t up it's T-H-U-G-L-I-N-E
Got n*ggas in the club
Killas out for blood motherf*ckas
Hit the floor when we lit sh*t up
Thugline, Thugline, Thugline, hope you ready
Thugline, Thugline, Thugline, we heated heavy
Thugline, Thugline, Thugline, hope you ready
Thugline, Thugline, Thugline, we heated heavy
Do my thugs run this motherf*cka (hell yeah!)
Do my killas run this motherf*cka (hell yeah!)
Do my thugs run this motherf*cka (hell yeah!)
Do my killas run this motherf*cka (hell yeah!)

[Verse 3: Wish]
n*gga, anyway you want
This is Thugline willin and ready to dump
f*ck 'em up, f*ck 'em up
I got my Line right here, here
You can step and we can jump it off right here
f*ck y'all n*ggas, f*ck y'all n*ggas
How many n*ggas you roll with that you feel is real?
How many n*ggas you roll that know you gonna kill, gangsta huh?
f*ckin with the Line It's about time someone took it over
I'ma get mine, can't wait for time cause it's almost over
I got wha'cha want baby
You can step, but best believe you won't play me
If you like that, throw your hands up
I know you like that, throw your hands up

[Verse 4: LaReece]
Chaotic situations got a b*tch stressin, holdin the guns
Dumpin on these trick n*ggas for funds
Titties bouncin in the lo-lo, creepin real slow
La Femme Nikita with my heater and they don't breathe no more
So trick, hit the floor
It's that boss b*tch, Nina Ross b*tch, know it cost b*tch, floss b*tch
Got your sister hostage {girl screaming}
You got my green if not, I lost it
I'm leavin a corpse absence
It seems you don't understand my pockets pitfil
So it's critical that I get the dough right now
All your wants I can't satisfy needs
Can't determine do's and don'ts amplifies my greed to multiply my G's
You want war n*gga? I got somethin for n*ggas
Quick to bust the fouth-fifth for more figures
Standin on the Frontline with my fan bam, Thugline
Bloody murder on these haters tryin to take mines

[Verse 5: Krayzie]
Call me the boos fighter, Frontline rider
Leathaface'll catch a case up in this place
We'll show 'em who bout it, bout it
How the dealer stole and cut it, police won't even touch it
I'm a rich n*gga come to my show and bring your b*tch wit'cha
Two Thousand n*ggas all screamin out loud "f*ck the law"
And all y'all n*ggas mean muggin me and my n*ggas is my car
Partna don't get me started
Y'all n*ggas ain't seen me get retarted in that mode I'm harmless
When her bare arms we far from harmless
This is the bomb sh*t, so ring the alarm
Takin over the yard, n*gga Thugline's in charge
On guard a new clique, and we got new sh*t
These n*ggas ain't nobody you wanna fool with either
So be cool with it
Then n*ggas won't have any problems
357 revolver is all it takes to squash an solve 'em
We all in this business to get paid, but meanwhile
We gotta go fight off the enemies that hate us for these styles
Made us some cheese, now f*ck the world
Tell 'em Krayzie said it, will I ever switch?
Get out the thug sh*t? n*gga forget it
I'm real with these n*ggas, I chill with these n*ggas
I kill for these n*ggas, cause these my n*ggas, my n*ggas, my n*ggas

That's right n*gga, just so y'all n*ggas know y'all f*ckin with
The n*ggas that's gone put the raw back in the game (that's right)
n*ggas that's 100% pure thug-bred, thug n*gga
Ya better believe that, roll call for the soldiers on the Frontline for the Thugline
Roll Call
Asu, where you at? (hey, yo Thug On Da Line)
K-Mont where you at? (n*gga, Thug On Da Line)
Wish Bone where you at? (what, Thug On Da Line)
LaReece where you at? (playa, Thug On Da Line)
You n*ggas knowin where I'm at
n*gga, Thug On Da Line the Line, the Line yeah, yeah, yeah
That motherf*ckin thug ass track you hear is my n*gga Super Sako
We keep it thuggin cause (??)

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