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Krayzie Bone


[Krayzie Bone]
Man f*ck that
n*gga been on the grind all this goddamn week man
I'm ready to spend some of this motherf*ckin money baby
(It's goin down, Thugline)
It's time to party - let's have a big celebration {*echoes*}
(Let's show these n*ggas how the Thugs do it)
It's time to party - let's have a celebration

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays I work but Friday's my day off
It's Friday night.. I just got paid
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays I work but Friday's my day off
I need to feel my mind at ease, I've been workin every day this week

First in the game, get my cheese maintained
On my knees give brains, I'm so glad it's Friday
Oh yeah, it's time to play
Call my n*gga Asu, call my n*gga Kray'
He say he wanna give di*k today I say whassup
With some motherf*ckin drink; he said "Hell yeah, I want some skin"
What the hell is that? Just gin and Henn', it's goin down baby
You got me somethin to roll, got that pound baby
Let's get high, so high
We thugs, that's why, we get high
f*ck a 9-to-5, we work too, we got jobs too
Rent bills, yeah them too baby
Hit the club n*ggas actin crazy, First Lady
You touch me, Asu, Thugline, I thought you knew
Such a good day, such a good day
This motherf*ckin day they call Friday
(To go we put it down)

[Hook: Krayzie Bone]
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday's a work day
Friday's my day off (it's Friday night)
My day off (just got paid)
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday's a work day
Friday's my day off (I need to feel my mind at ease)
My day off (I've been workin every day this week)

[Krayzie Bone]
Hustle, my n*ggas on the Thugline while I'm in my car
Got window tints for sure, so when we play know they never know who we are
I know it's Friday, Friday close to kinda rowdy
So I proudly play it safe and I pack my .380 so don't try me (try me)
Man, don't you love Friday?
It's my good day, baby get high day
Just can't wait, to hook up with my Thugs
We already got the liquor and the thugs (oh yeah it's goin down)
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon

Kray', it's such a special day, it's Good Friday
This is for not just to play
Get with my homies, chill up out the work day
Share my plans on how to get more pay
I plan to be wealthy someday on Sunday
On my Malibu home to lay out, where my body down
Get a tan, my help answerin me, "Yes ma'am"
That's why I work all week, on Friday I begin to treat myself
Cause it's my day to play, we gotta mash every day but Friday


[Krayzie Bone]
Durin the week I hustle all of my time cause I'm on the motherf*ckin grind
And by the end of week I wanna recline, get hot, and free my mind
Gettin f*cked up is the vibe as we ride
Four deep in the Benz, sip this new sh*t we invented, Henn' mixed with gin
n*gga roll up the blunt and pass me some Sin
Don't give a damn if it's f*cked see Bam I put the dumpers
In the Lex-o FO'-double-oh; how many of you come to party
But you motherf*ckers know I could be plottin my dough
We never be trippin off no static, if it jump off we handle that
But for now we on the mission to get lifted, n*gga what's happenin?
We stackin to the bar
We been already drinkin before we got her in the car
n*ggas got a head start, 11 us n*ggas be mean muggin
I say this cause we thugs and we don't give a f*ck (what?)
Though we be humble when we step in the place
But we can rumble if you step in my face and you violate my space
Other than that; my n*ggas is f*cked up havin a hell of a time
We'll find a spot where we can smoke and security won't be there scopin
Then let's hit the flo' and get the crowd open, it's definitely my day
And my day, is definitely Friday (we put it down)


Get down, yeah, Thugline

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