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Krayzie Bone

"New Waves: Krayzie Bone Verses only"

Soon I'll be coming home
Been around the world like a rolling stone
Seen the whole world wide through my own eyes
Been a long time coming
A million miles and still running
Tryna find my way back
To my roots where the true thugs lay at
And I say that, "I'm tryna go home
Take me somewhere that
My mind mode is on free
And my time zone is on freeze"
Everything stop!
I'mma need a little bit of time to get myself together
In the mean time I turn best to better
And in between time trying to be blessed forever
I hear home calling back for me

If heaven really had a cell phone
I'd pick it up and hit up God and ask Him what's happening
I apologize for all of this madness
Speaking on behalf of all of my family
World so crazy, everybody angry
Thinking you deserted, everybody say you ain't here
I been tryna tell them you be always on the level
World ran by the Devil, I be yelling but they can't hear
Everything mixed up, need to be fixed up
And all the politicians say they got the answers
But every time they vote em' in it didn't matter
Cause then it show em' once again it don't matter
I just wanna let you know before they tryna hold on
I already know you know it even though we may not show it
But can you tell me what am I to do when everybody is pursuing all this wickedness you said we shouldn't do it, do it

Just sittin' back thinkin' while up, Hennessy is drinking, done a whole lot of livin'
I done seen many schemes, chased plenty dreams, I had done a whole lot of sinnin'
It really make me wonder how I don't go under
Tryna stay alive and survive through this thunder storm
But what did I do, what did I do wrong?
And my bad, man?
Cause I tried to get the things I never had, man
Was dealt the bad hand
But I maintain my life and changed my life
Even with these cards, I play the game write
Could you please shine one of your blessings down on me?
My life is a mess, many levels of stress and I really could use one now

Tonight, I feel like sin I'm finna get into
But see that's what the Hennessey & gin will do
And I've been scoping
You already know I'm feeling you
Visualizing, fantasizing
Different ways to get into you
And I don't mean to come off cynical
I'm just being original
Let's skip all the subliminals
I'm the n*gga you want
And you just what I need right now
As I breeze through the clouds
Ain't no need to fly down, c'mon
We should flee to my house
Lovely, love me long time
Come hop in my fly Mercedes, baby
Just for tonight I beg ya ma'am you're my lady
I know she sneaky with it
But she freaky with it
So let's cut off the lights
And me and you can get it
See I got my own lil nasty girl
To come in play in Bone Bone's nasty world

A girl like you in a world like this
A n*gga gotta admit, she don't even exist
Cause she the kind of woman that's often hard to compare
She one of a kind, the kind you find very rare, very rare
She be always standing right there by my side
The type that make me feel like I'm alive
So I love her, put nothing else but God above her, next to my mother but I'm tellin' you my n*gga that's it
There's nothing other
She very independent but she know I know she need me
Please believe she really the only reason
A n*gga still breathing but now you leaving
Feel like I'm losing my breath, My heart beating slow
We had everything but we let it go
But I just don't know why we did that
Now I'm sittin' in the dark all alone
And I'm tryna figure out how I can get back to ya

Need to get away from everybody, everybody pulling me in all directions, I don't wanna be here
Don't wanna play this game no more, so I can't way for the day I leave here
So I can get into my zone
I get teaching to my own
There's a lot of me that need to see clear
I don't wanna stay no more, I say no more
I fear
Everybody pulling me down they like gravity
Sometimes you can't come around your own family
Feels like I'm losing the light and my sanity
Maybe it's cause I'm living the life that might damage me
Tell me what you gon' do for me?
What if I need to hold something too?
Could you do for me like I always do for you?

Let's just sit back and do nothing at all
Let's just smoke to the good life
Can we sit back and do nothing at all?
Can we smoke to the good life?
I love this new wave that we on right now
Can we vibe, can we vibe
And we smoooke (and we smoooke)
So let's blaze (do that thang)
And we toast (and we toast)
To that drank (to that drank)
We take shots (we take shots)
We true Kings (Lebron James)
We don't care (we don't care)
What you think (what you think)
I'm on a wave, where I'm gonna stay (I'm gonna stay)
So can you stop f*ckin' with me (stop f*ckin' with me)

I remember my daddy told me, "Say boy, you need to get up and go get you some"
So I went out and got me some
And when I got it, make sure that I got a lot of it
Cause life you can only live it once
So you need to get it done
Before you know it, they don't know you no more
They never knew ya, you feel just like they treat you like a stranger
Act like they true 'til they can't use you no more
That's how they do ya
Sometimes it really sucks to be famous
I guess everybody gotta take they fall from grace
So just know, that one day, we all fade away
I knew rappers used to be active but they gone today
It's the coldest thang
Nobody loves you when you find out when it's over that you really have more foes than friends
It's a cut throat game, It's cut throat game
Any second you could be thrown away, blown away

It's the most potent love I ever had
It's like a different dope I never had
She like two daily doses of whatever's bad
And make me feel so good, I ain't never mad
Oh please, oh please, can I get just one mo hit, huh?!
I don't mean to be greedy but I need me just one mo fix, ma!
I think I'm addicted cause dog I forever be in it, a fiend to the finish
This sh*t is ridiculous, I'm sick with it, I need intervention, detox
To claim myself what she got is something else, I relapse
It just keeps calling me back no matter how hard I try
These things, ya'll got all ya'll offtrack but I need more
I'm coming back, I'm running back

I think I'm living in a nightmare
And you the villain so I think I'm captain save a hoe
Don't think you right ma'am
Don't think you loyal like you claim to be, I can't do it
I don't need no obligations, complications, I've been through it
Don't have patience for you fakeness
b*tch stop faking, stay true to it
Fake hoes, they so foolish
They hoes, exactly what you is, Jezebel!
She my Billy Jean b*tch, beat it!
She phony and conceded, I don't need it
And a girl be for some other n*gga, run the game on the sucka n*gga
Cause I'ma learn ya, I ain't f*ckin' with ya
I rather talk to myself, I rather walk by myself

Why you be constantly grabbin' at me
Stabbin' at me like gravity, tryna trap me, snatchin' at me
The Devil is laughing at me, evil happenin, jealousy be the reason, b*tches scandalous
Money's another reason n*ggas savages
They want what I got, I tell them, "Not happening"
And I make sure the haters stay so far from back of me
But they always come after me
Everybody wanna pull a n*gga down
They wanna live it when a n*gga down
Wait, but chasing this paper, ya'll n*ggas fake and Krayzie's gon' shake ya, straight out the game
I'm tryna make major, never let a n*gga never think they can fade us
Yes, I can feel your gravity on me cause I get way too high

We just tryna fly through the sky, come lets float
We tryna stay high, rise way higher than most
Rise way higher than most
Step in the party, I'm tryna get me some liquor in me
I got the feeling that I'm finna go over my limit
And never underestimate me cause I got it in me
I know how high I can go
I usually get it started after sundown
Forget about my problems 'til the sunrise
And let me live the life at least one time
I'm like how I high can flow
I got money in the bank
So I can still get high
You keep thankin' what you thank
Cause I'm gon' pop this bottle
You keep drankin' what you drank
I got a little bit of weed though
It's medicated so it's legal
So we can creep, sneak out back
Roll up, blow that sack, sack of fire, fire
We just tryna fly through the sky, come lets float
We tryna stay high, rise way higher than most
Rise way higher than most

We was partners from the start
Hurt my heart that you're not here
And it's all cause you my dog
This one thought brought me to tears
Anytime I squad I call
We show balls and how to fear
Now your name highlights the wall
There they reach rest in peace yes deceased
I can't believe you're really here no more
Because in my mind, at any second you'll come through the door
It's all in my mind
I see you waiting on this miracle
Cause I know in time
I meet you, greet you in the physical
So I take flight
And we stay high
I take flight
And we stay high
There's no good explanation why your time had to run out
I can't believe that you're gone now
I think of you like you're still around
I call your name but there's no sound
Stop, look, listen
There's no sound
Hope God will make it clear one day, why he took you away from me
I wish I could rewrite the way
I wish there was a way to change the story
It's crazy

When the world is on your shoulder
I'll be there I'm your soldier
A friend like I'm supposed to be
To the end I rise, so row for me
I'ma be right by your side while everybody else is runnin' and hidin'
I'll be frontline
I'll be your light, be ready to guide ya, hide ya
So no mo pain can find ya
When you forget you the sh*t, I remind ya
God developed, designed ya
Look at yourself in the mirror, you're shinin'
Bling, bling, bling
Lot's of friends, we have them
But do we really have them?
Cause most em' are just past tense

I been really thinkin' different to the n*ggas that they claim that they running the game
I'm looking at them like they lame, they all in the same
I give a f*ck about your fame, don't come in my lane
Cause I'ma lyrically kill em', and put one in your brain
I'm the n*gga that created it, even today
These other n*ggas imitated it, even the braids
Now that sh*t Kray
So you better put a little respect on my naaaame
I guess they thinkin' since a n*gga that forty somthin'
That I wanna load that on em', but I guess I gotta proven you a lie
Grand daddy swagger
Ready for battle, no man better, never no tongue badder
Have a never (?) cause anybody can lose it
I'm the n*gga that proved it, a n*gga that can do it
And we gon' keep it real like that for 'Pac!
To me, all competition dry, they suck

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