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Krayzie Bone

"Raj Stacks - Right Now Ft Krayzie Bone & Mistah Fab"

(Raj Stacks Hook)

Got a lot of enemies round here

They just wanna see me bleed round here

I done brung em to they kneees round here

They don't wanna f*ck with meee round here

f*ck what you saying Ima pull right now

Fully tinted windows, Ima pull right now

Hating on the boy, Ima pull right now

Say another word, Ima pull right now

(Raj Stacks Verse)

Ugh, I use to trip when they use to say they hate me

Like nintendos wanna play me, now all congratulate me

I just bought my own Mercedes, now these b*tches wanna rape me

Cuz a young playa getting Cash money like baby

Muthaf*ck em, I just f*ck then I duck em, I don't love em

They use brush me off when I never had nothing

Now I'm mad stunting, poppin bottles on the top flo

Pull up the intersection, where the f*ck my top go?

Pull on your favorite artist, he know that my flow retarded

He don't wanna get me started, he just rap about his foriegn

That he leased, he thief, he got freaks in sheets

But that sh*t is only his raps

Those chains that he wearing? He gotta give em back

Those cars that he driving? He gotta give em back

Man, How he authentic when even his teeth fake?

b*tch it's young raj stacks, my only competition Drake, ahh

Hook 2

(Mistah Fab Verse)

I'm so dope lyrically, I could charge 10 a key

Feeling like a young buck but never been to Tennessee

Everybody say they tight but I don't hear no remedy

These n*ggas only tight when they get drunk off some Hennesey

Physically ain't touching me, you bad b*tch she sucking me, rap game is stuck with me

n*ggas say shoot, ok shoot so I shot em, so now that nother n*gga drop okay now he don't want no problems

Cuz I get em, get em, got em, pop em, this is how I drop em
And you don't want no problems, Mistah Fab is not an option

Look, been the sh*t since '94, I don't think now I don't know

Serve this sh*t right down the coast so that mean I'm the next to blow

Next to go to texaco, flow from here to mexico, everybody be like damn his necklace glow, his necklace gross

Got some b*tches? Well bruh bruh, quit playing, text them hoes
And if some n*ggas want some problems then okay the tecs will blow!

(Hook 3)

(Krayzie Bone Verse)
I rumble like I'm thunder, and I kinda make em wonder

Is their favorite motherf*ckas really suckas undercover?

I'm one of the baddest n*ggas, grandaddy the grandest n*gga

You n*ggas generic, but I'm already branded n*gga

They never saw nothing like me because I'm a different kind of beast
So unique they say that n*ggas a lyrical freak

Its a miracle me with historical swag, we like mystikal we unpredictable man

Tell em been on the down low because I've been tryna get my grind up

But I'm back with a vengance, n*gga ya times up

I ain't on one, I am one so all you n*ggas respect your elders cuz all you n*ggas my grandson

Unprotected sex with the game, so I birth bast*rds

I see the resemblance and I hear it, you n*ggas trash bruh

You gotta little swagger because you seemed to study the master

But next time you gotta bring your best rhymes to see the thrasher

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