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Krayzie Bone

"What Have I Become (Trouble)"

Lord what have I become, what have I done, done (x7)
Lord what have i become

Im stuck in a maze, so close to my brain
Krayzie loco insane, to the brain as I choke on this haze
Dont know if Im going through a phase or is it just part of the game
I walk in the rain, its funny the pain keep on calling my name
My mama keep sayin I need to change, pray to god and be saved
But I just can't see me escaping my ways
As Im c*cking my guage, Im clocking my paper
We already cought up, its too late to save us
So tell the mayor dont be coming around here, cause we gon have to blaze em
Struggle in the city life, hussle till we get it right
Muscle when I hit the grind, troubles a good friend of mine
I feel like Ill never get out of the ghetto
Im in this too deep Too much heat in the streets, they won't let go
Im tired of being broke, living with the poor
Sleeping on the floor, eating whatever I stole
That's me runnin up in that liquor store, willing to let this pistol smoke
Oh you think its a joke, hurry up and get the dough

Lord what have I become, what have I done, done, done (x3)
Lord what have i done

Determination is my motivation, patience ain't a virtue
Ain't ate or baked in days, either I get paid or I murk you
Its as simple as that, so empty it into the sack, if you hear the click of the gat
That mean you walking too slow, you gotta move quicker than that
Cash money On my mind while my nines on my victim
If you waste any more time, giving 6-5 time to get here
I might get violent in here
My baby momma wanting child support
This chick be tripping everytime in court
Uh uh, dont you press that panic button
Dont you make me hang you somthing
Dont wanna be the one to take your life, not I
Dear Father, my minds going insane
Its getting harder, impossible to maintain
Maybe I should just end it all myself
But than, how would that help if Im doing this to gain wealth
I ain't trying to be a killer, Im playing a role
In a movie of life, but its out of control!

Lord what have I become, what have I done, done , done (x3)
Lord what have i become

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