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Krayzie Bone

"Ain't Said No Names"

[Cat Cody]
No, no, no, no, no
We ain't said no names, y'all
We know just who you are
And exactly why you came
Now wouldn't it be real f*cked up
If we start namin' names?
We ain't said no names

I can remember back in the day
If you bit another n*gga
You was considered a biter
Non-originality, simply disrespectin' a true rider
n*gga, I'm fired up
n*gga, keep on bitin' the Bone
And your jaw'll get wired up
Keep on lovin' my song
But my n*gga, you ain't Bone
Can you understand what's wrong?
Better get on
Sayin' you been flowin' since back in the day
Some of you was
Well okay, but whatever it was you were stressin'
It wasn't effecting nobody like this way
Hit me, so n*ggas can miss me with they drama
Tell them all like Willie-D told n*ggas
"b*tch, play with your mama. Cause I'm not your toy."
So n*gga don't test me, cause Krayzie ain't no sample
But really, could you handle
Big old slugs from these here magnum?
Ever since we came with Thuggish Ruggish Bone
n*ggas been comin' up out the woods singin'
We stole they flow and song
If that's the case then why when we kick
Wicked sh*t, muthaf*ckas all like it?
And then why when you come tryin' to kick my sh*t
I can tell you strugglin' tryin'?
And back in the day how many n*ggas
Was really claimin' to be thugs?
n*ggas was gangstas
So what the f*ck done changed 'em? Huh?
What really be f*ckin' my head up
Is when one n*gga do somethin', come up
Make a Little bit of money, somebody all on your nuts
I'm keepin' it real, and b*tch
If you Feel I'm talkin' bout you
Then it must be the guilt
I think we should give them the murder treatment
Yeah, that should learn 'em, baby

Oh, oh, we gonna kill them with the big shotgun
Yeah, f*ck y'all n*ggas who's talkin', n*gga
n*ggas talkin' sh*t over here, n*gga
f*ck y'all n*ggas wantin' to do it

Aw sh*t, these n*ggas done started over here
They talkin' sh*t, say we ain't rappin' (What?)
n*ggas has got the nerve, and look who platinum
n*ggas been runnin' off at the mouth
Before they think and look at the reality
I'm a speak on it, so b*tch, be mad at me
Now first of all, y'all can't even talk
Y'all need to go get your speech right
And then while you at it
You need quit samplin' that bullsh*t
And get your beats tight
Let's meet up at midnight in the alley
Where nobody knowin' what's happenin'
What's happenin?
You wanna pull out some guns or do some rappin'?
A n*gga don't want no problems
But then if he wants to cause it - a nine millimeter
Dawed-off, a .380, TEC-9, comin' out my closet
Probably only have to pull a muthaf*ckin' twenty-two
Probably just say "Boo!"
And watch you n*ggas scuffle, scatter everywhere
Them n*ggas up outta there
That studio sh*t been known
To give n*ggas like you wig-splits
I hear you talkin', woofin' n*gga
But I really can't feel sh*t
Now face it, n*gga, rap just ain't the same
Especially since my Mo Thug family encountered the game
The fame is pain, for this I'll pay the price
And n*ggas tryin' to take my life
Always feelin' violent vibes
Just because I'm shinin' now
In the hood, it was sarcastic sh*t like
"You paid now, been awhile since you came around."
So you tellin' me that I ain't down?
But first of all, when I was broke as f*ck
You n*ggas did not give a f*ck
Now all of the sudden
Ya lovin' me when we drunk, playa hata
We know who you are, can find out where you live
Better protect your kids
f*ck it, let's blow up his crib
10-o'clock news: "Nobody lived."

You better roll
Cause we give no love where we got to buck
Break you off somethin' proper with hate
I 'll break you off somethin' proper with love
It's all how you take it
We been never takin' no strippin'
For the body dippin'
Grips in the wasteland all from mad-testin'
Even though they know about death - a cold place to rest in

[Cat Cody]
We know just who you are
And exactly why you came
Now wouldn't it be real f*cked up
If we start naming names?
We ain't said no names

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