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Krayzie Bone


Believe me

Just put your trust in me
Believe me, believe me
Just put your trust in me
Believe me

Gotta believe it

Let me show you love
Heaven sent above
Close your eyes and dream

Ooh, I believe every woman deserves
To see every once in a life a one-way ticket
No fantasies, so when you close your eyes
At night, the tears you fight
I wanna let you know
Everything's gonna be alright, alright
Alright, now, baby
Girl, I only wanna hold you, baby
Never shared some kind of lovin', baby
Our experience is beautiful, incredible
Let's take it slow
Take my hand and believe me, baby
Our love will last forever, lady
'Cause you know everything will be alright
Ooh, baby


What will it take for you to realize
It's through your eyes that I can see my destiny?
And through your pretty smile
I see your fears and insecurities
It's you and me 'til eternity
And now we're hand in hand
And your my girl, and I'm your man
Each day I'm thankin' God
Fulfilled my dreams, and fixed your heart
So, baby, close your eyes
And no more tears, and no more cries
You just gotta believe


Thugs believe you can achieve the goal you're seekin'
If you really love it

Get down for your thang and maintain
If you feel enough

...faith, you gotta have a little bit of faith
Just a little bit

Parlay, be safe, and you can't forget to pray

Oh yeah, it's a struggle sometimes
But there's a lot of people steady goin' under
But I ain't the one to stumble
Me break, no crumble, ready to rumble
Fight for the right to unite and be humble
People all over the world...

...follow me, 'cause I know the ride
And I will show you right

Stayin' on my mission, keepin' it focused
You gotsta play by the rules
That's why game paid my dues
Went to the top with my trues
You snooze, you lose
Now you know that
Quit actin' like you don't care
If you with it, and you prepared
Pump your fist up in the air
And holler Mo Thug love
It's my Mo Thug family


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