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Krayzie Bone

"Thug Finale"

[Skant Intro]
This is a Thug World Order
Callin' all thugs to the f*ckin' front line
The real motherf*ckin' thugs
f*ck them clones, f*ck the imitators
The real

Everybody with somebody get up out yo chairs
It's that thug finale, we gonna rock it for the year
If it's hot then it's hot, if it's not we make it hot
I Got my Mo' Thug Family and we loadin' all the Glocks

[E Mortal Thugs]
I'm a born made killa, call me to grab the gat
Slap a b*tch, stitch a n*gga
Through rip they block picture
Picture me spittin' just to get at him
He see the Navi'
n*ggas that was with him, never had him
The bullets from the guns was at him
So sad, he should've known my n*ggas was gon' get back at him
And bury on this thug finale, yeah

I'm a bad lil' n*gga and the sky's the limit
See I'm livin' my life cause I'm buyin' the bar
Ya'll n*ggas ain't out here gettin' this paper and I'm
Wonderin' what type of clowns is ya'll?
Mo' Thug n*ggas gettin' it, spittin' it, hittin' ya'll
Off with the real sh*t swiftly
Simply out here puttin' it down
Be ready for the brand new sheriff in town
(Well what's wrong with this one?)
"I shot the sheriff and I repoed his badge"
(This fellow look like he dead)
Up all ya'll wallets give me your jewelry and your cash
211, and a 187 murder is what we bringin'
Wit a Mac-11, and a 3-5-7
Weapons for your clique and we gon', strip this game
Flip this game, so n*gga don't push me
Cause the world, I'm ready to f*ck it like some hot steamy pus*y
If you with me, n*gga you with me
n*gga if you mad then you fake
I gotsta holla at Skandalous Camp cause we got money to make
Let's get it, get it

I was born affiliated and never was underated
Cowards wantin' peace when there's war in the streets
It's all about the scrilla and n*ggas back stabbin'
They n*ggas for them dead prez
Cut throat, is how this game lead
I bent the corner on 20 inch chrome
Bumpin' Mo' Thug and Bone
And holla at the weedman for 2 zones

[Chorus] 2x

[E Mortal Thugs]
I'm 19 with 19 to put in yo spleen
No "If" "Ands" or "Butts" or maybe "Between"
A mini 14, I hit the scene with somethin' so mean
Vietnamese'll feel the heat
Comin' from these, T-H-U-G-S
We G's
Enemies, They bleed
Runnin', duckin', hidin', tryin' to find police

And when we find 'em, we bringin' the heat
Krayzie the first to bust that pump
No need fa' the LeathaFace
We goin' all out cause we don't give a f*ck
How many n*ggas that's say they ready for war, when we
Gon bust? huh huh?
Why you n*ggas is sayin' you ready to roll and you ain't tough, chump
What the f*ck is a matter with you?
You tryin' to get killed n*gga, peeled n*gga?
Better stay in the house cause I'm the field n*gga the real n*gga

[E Mortal Thugs]
I keep, heat with me
Cause I known to stack cheese
My peeps, is E-M-T
And we known for that beef
We ram shock your block with Glocks
It don't stop
It won't stop till Mo' Thug, my dawgs reach the top
You n*ggas is ass out
Cause we back in this b*tch
Droppin', hit after hit
Makin' you n*ggas sick
So suck my di*k

I'm a Ol' E drinker, Mo' Thug-ass n*gga
Hustla to stack figures, creepin' is how I get you
Slippin' and that's yo stash
I plotted you for your cash
Stuntin' for a piece of ass
Now look at you all mad
Real n*ggas stick together
Haters they think they clever
But I'm a out smart 'em, carve 'em, and leave 'em with no cheddar

[Chorus] 4x

[Outro, Martin Luther King]
To Bring The Colored Peoples Of The World Out of their long years of poverty
Their long years of hurt and neglect - the whole world is doomed..

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