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Krayzie Bone

"On My Kray sh*t"

[Verse 1]
20 years in this sh*t
Been in it for years in this b*tch
Beware the lyrical misfit
Prepare for critical quick spit
Am a monster a beast a savage like a scavenger
You scandeles like your Manager
Loaded like canasta
You man Enough f*cking with real men real real real
On the dolo ...we se who friends
Way to treal to treal
They running up outta dow bucking my pam pam
Remain the same they ready to bang when they want some
Se me a cannibal
No body better
We always are better
A ma let the letter go
We the original
Making start n*ggas know
We infound that though
Flowith my buddies bone
Its krayzie jackson in your ear drum
When they asking i let you hear sum

[Verse 2]
Now who is that n*gga coming with the flow and style
And newer can nobody deny it
n*ggas done tip and made hate of it and made a pay of it
Enough of you rappers don try it
Some of you surviving the reason i am still alive
My letter ...dying
Then i go underground run you down
You thinking this sh*t don't f*ck around
Don't think cause a n*gga older
Never got slower
Hold up don't break i ma show ya
How so meny n*ggas get rolled up
Like a bad as slug rap rappers badest thug
They don't really make it like this way anymore
These n*ggas done so men atinchons ignored
When they acknowledge they is your boy
They in fact claiming your official
But 2 night
These n*ggas is own so art official
They are not the real n*ggas
For for real killas
The real dealers
Keep it real n*gga
Real quick the news for real n*ggah

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