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Krayzie Bone

"Clash of the titans"

Imma let'em know before it gets too deep
I am the beginning and the end
I am the light
I am the darkness
I am the life
I am the father
I’m the creator
I am the Alpha and the Omega
Lyrical Messiah, Undertaker
So abide by the lord, abide by the lord

Can’t nobody ever see the n*gga when the n*gga is original and touched down first
That means im hanging in just like Irvin and I can bring pain to haters like birth
Yall wanna do work?
I’m rippin up out of my shirt when im hearing the blasphemy
When they drop to their knees and they ask if rap can get better, they pray and they ask for me
The almighty lyrical mastermind
Now that everybody try'na crowd around a n*gga style, like a n*gga style while they hold the other down
All them really wanna try to run away with the sound, but they can't really go a mile (HEY)
Tell'em they can make it over this way if they really wanna end it on this day
It’s they choice, put them to rest with the pitch of the voice RAH Monster
Focus so of course
I see it that they copy me, but all them n*ggas seem to do it really sloppily
They can really only understand a part of me, they try to get the flow, but they can never get the harmony
Im like a magnet, I keep attracting rappers, its in need of a master kinda like sensei
So let them bow their heads and begin to pray
And as you pray its best you ask to be forgiven, dont be foolish, dont be senseless thinking you can’t be the victim, You can die
Tell'em they better respect it and never forget where they got it from
Or we gon' come after them n*ggas with bloody, mo bloody mo redrum

Murda Mo, Murrrrda Mo
And I dont really give a f*ck if n*ggas think im talkin ‘bout'em
Cus’ them n*ggas know that I can talk it plus I walk about it
Violent when I bark about it, Imma get the party started
Im the n*gga did it while them other n*ggas thought about it
Everybody know me, n*ggas know that I been about it
Never been the question who’s the hardest, ‘cus im really hard
Try to go the distance, imma take'em just a little farther
Have my competition retreating and running for the border
Ring the alarms, cus its time to drop bombs, cus all of my rhymes are highly uncommon
All them n*ggas thinking they grown, but I came and paused in my prime, it’s time to pay homage
Look at who they try to be the most, n*gga put it down over seas, every coast
Im one of the realest MC’s that ever spoke, im really like the bombest weed you ever smoked (DOPE)
Even when I lean with it I, Im clean with it, I am the illest n*gga n*ggas have seen with it, supreme with it
Yall dont really want it cus im in my zone, Originally original cus its my own
Somebody better tell them that them other n*ggas faking and they really mistaken, n*gga that’s not Bone
I’m sick of these so called rappers coming with watered down sh*t, foul sh*t
Somebody shouldve learned ‘em all that to never come around this with that clown sh*t
So I gotta show'em with the rythm and a melody, there will never ever be another Thug N Harmony
Everybody do it now and it dont really bother me, cus they already knowing im the leader of the artistry
Real in the streets, I keeps it real in the booth
Yeah and even that 9mm I carry, it still spits the truth
n*gga dont test me, im not an experiment, your curiosity may be innocent
But before you n*ggas try to run up on me, im an incredible, hell of a lyricist
And its impeccable, they can never deny the sound, its so respectable
Have you heard this scary deadly flow? thats the reason all them n*ggas want to catch the Boat (Float on)
I been save you rapper from sinking ever since I came in the game
And it ain't only rappers, it even some singers thats singing like us when they sang
Even producers producing they beats with the double time making that bang
So why in the f*ck is they acting like we ain't the reason that everything changed?
Way back in the days when we came from East 99, the beats they deny me
And really I never had to be awakened, cus they fell asleep on a giant
So I came back and showed'em that I was the chosen one and they should never defy it
Imma rock til the beat stop, imma make'em feel it when the beat drop
You better bring a cold drink cus the heat hot, n*gga yall better think cus we not
But we retaliate and the sh*t was Kray cus it was really Kray, keep it real what the f*ck im supposed to say?
I f*cks with Kanye
I f*cks with Jay
I f*cks with Lil Wayne
I f*cks with Drake
I wanna have a minaj, I f*cks with Nicki
I wanna rob a couple rappers, I f*cks with 50
The flow was out of control, so I f*cks with Kendrick
I f*cks with Most Def, he f*cks with lyrics
I f*cks with Eminem
I f*cks with T.I
I f*cks with 2 Chainz (Hey)
I f*cks with Nipsey
I f*cks with Jeezy, but not with you Mane
And im f*ckin with A$AP
Remember the matter remains that, I tellem that
Leathaface still in this b*tch and I stay hitting hard as a train wreck
What a minute
You probably thought I was finished
With me it’s never an ending
The killer make sure you stay dead
This killer flow that be the gimmick
The illest of any minute
The realest, so many feel it
The lyrics really authentic
So potent that when you get it
You cough or choke when you hear it
Im knowing them n*ggas fearing
Cause i got up in their spirit
I told them n*ggas in the beginning that Imma kill'em with 2000 words in 2 minutes
Pin it
Who that n*gga running with the AK-47 packing power like a Smith & Wesson 357
HEAT, so heated heavy that these competitors are never ready
Im like a disease, I keep spreading
I hittem like a headache or a migraine, watch a n*gga die in the flames when I set it. (Let it)
Burn them to Hades, ain't non’ them met Krayzie, ain't never afraid Who Scared
Rocking like a real rapper, then I put a little Jodeci in it and say ooh yeh
I never wanna be a star, I rather kick it with the real n*ggas
Chillin with the field n*ggas
Get that dollar bill n*gga
If I got to kill n*ggas, then you really finna meet this steel n*gga
Come around the corner with a gun and you’re a goner
Cus im more than a performer, sending rappers to the coroner
So I give'em all a warning when you see a n*gga stomping, coming at you with an attitude, all you gotta do SALUTE!!

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