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Krayzie Bone

"World So Crazy"

I go insane, in a world so crazy
Why every thang hella strange
In a world so crazy

I go insane, in a world so crazy
Why every thang hella strange
In a world so, so cray

[Verse 1: Krayzie Bone]

When I listen to the radio my focus get cloudy

Kind of like a stoner after smoking on some loudly

Then I get that paranoid feeling

Like am I only n*gga that pay attention and see these n*ggas tripping

They paints too tight, homie swag too hyped

The game will make a grown ass man loose sight

The fame make a fools wrong plan seem right

The blinded never will never in their life see light

You see a lot people in this industry they tend to miss it

That's why I'm down wit Kendrick cause that n*gga get it

Listen Hip Hop the industry is fooling y'all

Wether they pay you or not them n*ggas using y'all believe me


[Verse 2: Krayzie Bone]

Now the none believer may believe that I'm preaching too much

And then a stupid n*gga may believe that I'm teaching too much

n*gga is the media God you believe em too much

Let me get the hell out the game I ain't leaving too much

Left behind a whole lot of lies and a stressed out life style

Through my cards on table, I'm out

Middle finger to labels, buy now

I'd really rather laughed later, then cry now

You got cha money, ya mansion, ya Bentley, ya b*tches, my n*gga you good

But this is your reward in full

There's no loyalty, amongst royalty, I started searching for the truth and it set me free


[Verse 3: Krayzie Bone]

This game will use you up until it no longer needs Ya

And the fame will gas Ya up until Ya struck with amnesia

Did You forget where come from (Ya know)

You wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for the, if it wasn't for the

Selling of the souls

Ok now let's get this in the open, is everybody focused

Does anybody know what I'm exposing

Can you make out the picture on the canvas that I'm painting

And do you understand some of the chances that chu you taking

Mentality is like at any means I gotta make it

9 to 5 is straight grinding time it's how I survive

Just gimme what I need

If you don't need it don't chase it

You don't really wanna chase dat you Ya Need to get up off the race track

Learn the lesson from Kray Jack

Ya like a needle in hey stack

Non existent ya fade to black

Escape the traps and still tryna shake the machinations

The game never loved me it's only infatuation

They schooled the fool but now it's my graduation

Excuse the suckas and cowards that never made it

But I stay strong and that's the key to motivation

And created Bone tru example of innovation

And I was like a rat in a maze trapped in cage

Purposely distracted by fame and and a lot of lames

I Had to shake'em so I shook'em

I saw to take'em and I took'em

To another level get'em on the level

Revenging like a rebellion finishing them and send'em to the devil HA

WORLD SO CRAZY (Lyric Video)

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